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social media

Missing out on online conversations can harm your brand and sales. Discover what brands & influencers are saying.

Monitor your brand impact

How is your brand impact on social media? Which content types are delivering which results? Start monitoring now.

Reporting is time-consuming

Social media reporting is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Join us on the other side. Make reporting easy again.

Track what Influencers say about you with our brand monitoring software.

Monitor social media posts to understand what influencers and your competitors are saying online about your brand & industry.

With social media monitoring, Storyclash gives you smart insights on whole industries, brands and influencers. One view - with zero effort.

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Monitor your competitors or your industry on social media. With one view.

Monitor your own social media performance, conduct competitor research and discover industry content.

With performance KPIs like reach and engagement, our powerful online brand monitoring tool helps you understand what’s working and what’s not among your social audiences.

  • KPIs (reach, engagement, and more) help you understand social performance.
  • Get engagement statistics across all social media platforms and channels.
  • View your performance on a global view. Or zoom in on particular countries and languages.

Report your brand performance faster. And smarter.

Easily create and share reports with your team, your shareholders or customers.

Instead of manual reporting, share live reports with current data with your team, shareholders or customers.

  • Easily create social reports for different teams and stakeholders.
  • Export insights & share reports with one click.
Shareable Social Media Reports

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Leading brands trust Storyclash

  • Martina Schumacher
    Martina Schumacher

    Martina Schumacher
    Influencer Marketing Manager

    Storyclash has become an integral part of influencer marketing. You pulled me in with the brand collaborations feature, evaluating competitor campaigns has never been that easy.

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  • Martin Kalasho
    Ginatricot Black

    Martin Kalasho
    Influencer Marketing & Collab Brand Manager

    We use Storyclash in every aspect of an influencer campaign, and we wouldn't be able to deliver the same high quality without their analysis & content tools. You are 10 steps behind in your influencer strategy if you have not seen the power of Storyclash.

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  • Jacklyn Odenbreit
    Babor Logo

    Jacklyn Odenbreit
    Social Media Manager

    With Storyclash, I can easily analyze how successful my influencer campaigns were. I like the easy way of creating a report and getting a quick overview of the campaigns.

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  • Eunyoung Park
    Yepoda Logo

    Eunyoung Park
    Influencer Marketing Manager

    I cannot make any deal with my influencers without the insights of Storyclash! It is the best tool when it comes to detailed information about influencer activities on Instagram.

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  • Lorena Scheurich
    Josera Red

    Lorena Scheurich
    Content Marketing Manager

    When searching for influencers, I use the keyword search in Storyclash where I can find content for specific keywords to reach my niche.

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  • Sebastian Katthöver
    DW Deutsche Welle

    Sebastian Katthöver
    Head of Audience Development

    Anyone who has to do with social media at Deutsche Welle can't get past Storyclash. We track our cross-platform performance and compare ourselves to competitors, track down trends & discover influencers for joint projects. We like that metrics can be applied & compared across platforms.

  • Christian Deffte

    Christian Deffte
    VP Business & Strategic Development

    Sensational service on all levels. I am very happy to work with Storyclash. #keepgoing

  • Christian Daugaard
    BCG Green

    Christian Daugaard
    Group Social Media Lead for BCG in the Nordics

    What gets measured gets managed. With Storyclash, we now measure what we could not before - and manage our social media initiatives with greater detail, accuracy, and enhanced understanding.

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