Free Influencer Brief Template

Maximize the impact of your influencer campaigns using our free, ready-to-use briefing template.

Influencer Marketing Briefing Template

What is in the influencer brief?

A clear brief empowers influencers to create and share content that truly aligns with your brand's vision. And it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With our handy influencer brief template, you can easily communicate your campaign objectives, expectations, and brand guidelines.

The influencer brief template covers everything you need to run successful influencer campaigns, including:

Campaign goals and tracking
Channels and formats
Messaging & branding
Review & collaboration guidelines

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Influencer Marketing Briefing Template

Wondering how to write the perfect influencer marketing brief?

Check out our in-depth article where we share expert insights, best practices, and a three-step guide to crafting the perfect influencer marketing brief. From defining your objectives to outlining expectations and providing creative direction, Storyclash has got you covered.

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