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Use Storyclash's TikTok Monitoring Tool to track your influencer marketing activities

Explore the platform, track your influencer campaigns and use Storyclash for your campaign reporting. Key features include benchmarking your company against the rest of your industry, and discovering new content trends.

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Discover TikTok

Check out brands and influencers on TikTok. Get a first feel for the platform and find out how to get started.

Monitor TikTok

You are running influencer campaigns on TikTok? Get all insights, KPIs & important metrics from us to analyze your performance.

Report on TikTok

Create fast reports of your influencer campaigns and brand mentions on TikTok.

Tiktok Reporting

TikTok influencer marketing reporting

The Storyclash TikTok feature helps with finding new influencers as well as tracking the TikTok influencers you already work with. Follow up by communicating the value of your influencer campaigns by providing fast, data-driven reports with historical & current data to your team or stakeholders.

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TikTok influencer analytics and monitoring

Gain insights into your competitors' communication and marketing strategy and find out what influencers are posting about them.
Analyze the influencers your competitors work with on TikTok and get an overview of your industry in general.

Tiktok Benchmarking
Tiktok Discovery

Improve your TikTok marketing strategy with trends

See what's trending on TikTok and discover new content ideas. Get inspired by browsing through trending posts of +15.000 TikTok accounts all over the world and see the average engagement, profile analytics and engagement rates.

Our TikTok Monitoring & Analytics Tool helps your brand staying ahead of the social media curve

Discover TikTok influencers
across the world

Explore trending content

Look up your competitors'

Find brand mentions in
TikTok video descriptions

Search for keywords

Report fast and

Get in touch and learn how to improve your TikTok influencer marketing

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