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Run successful campaigns, boost client collaborations, and scale your agency with Storyclash,
the all-in-one platform for influencer marketing.

Meet Storyclash, the go-to creator platform for agencies

Looking to do more with less? Storyclash makes it simple to find the perfect influencers, manage collaborations, and track the results. So you can keep clients happy without overstretching your resources.

120M+ influencers

Find authentic creators your clients will love, and check creators’ brand collaboration history.

Reporting & analytics

Track all major metrics, including ROI and sales, and share view-only dashboards with one click.

Efficiency for your team

Execute all campaigns in one place and take advantage of our automation features.

AI-powered Influencer discovery & vetting

With the most powerful AI search on the market, we empower agencies to find the perfect influencers for their clients—even those in super niche industries or with very specific requirements.

  • Instagram, TikTok and YouTube creator data
  • AI recommendations
  • Smart search options including Lookalikes
  • Access previous content including Instagram stories
  • View collaboration history

Campaign management

Manage campaigns with a simple dashboard, set up individual access rights, and enhance client collaboration with shareable lists and reports.

  • Intuitive, shared planning board
  • Share creators for approval
  • In-platform email functionality
  • Budgeting
  • Store contracts, briefs and key documents

Reporting & analytics

Analyze how creator campaigns perform across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, calculate the sales and ROI, and create shareable white-label reports. Missed an Instagram story? Don’t worry—with Storyclash, you can watch it up to a year later.

  • 50+ influencer KPI metrics
  • Content tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Link and code tracking
  • White-label, shareable reports
  • Shopify integration

Proven impact

Why choose Storyclash

We help brands get noticeably better results with creator marketing


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Any questions left?

How does Storyclash help agencies find influencers in any niche?

Storyclash provides agencies with a variety of search options, including lookalikes, product URLs, images, and more—whatever works best for your clients' needs. Our AI search technology is the most advanced on the market, making it easy to find influencers in even the most exotic niches or competitive industries, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your clients.

Can Storyclash track all content, including Instagram Stories?

Yes, Storyclash allows you to track all creator content, including Instagram Stories, until up to a year later. This ensures you never miss a piece of content and don’t need to spend your weekends and holidays taking screenshots of clients’ campaigns.

How does Storyclash simplify campaign management for agencies?

Storyclash provides an intuitive dashboard that centralizes all aspects of influencer collaborations, from planning and outreach to contracts and budgeting. This streamlined approach saves you time and ensures smooth coordination as you manage multiple client campaigns across different platforms.

Does Storyclash offer white-label reporting for agencies?

Yes, Storyclash enables agencies to create professional, white-label reports that showcase campaign performance and ROI. These reports are easily shareable with clients, helping you demonstrate the value and impact of your influencer marketing efforts.

Can Storyclash help agencies track KPIs for their clients' campaigns?

Absolutely. You can track high-level awareness and engagement metrics, as well as performance metrics like sales, ROI, and ROAS using the Shopify integration. This allows you to measure the impact of your efforts and optimize strategies for maximum results.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?

Storyclash is the platform of choice for successful agencies, and we’d love to show you why. Talk to our team and see what Storyclash can do for you.

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