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About Babor

Babor is an internationally leading brand of professional cosmetics and is still a family company. In order to meet the demands of its customers, Babor relies on more than 60 years of German-made skin care expertise: the entire development and production takes place exclusively at the company's headquarters in Aachen. Therefore, every product from the idea to the finished container is a promise of quality and stands for science, precision and effectiveness.

Babor About

Influencer marketing at Babor

Babor's goal is to become an international brand in the field of luxury cosmetics. Influencer marketing plays a major role here, because social media—especially Instagram and YouTube—has great potential that is fully exploited by influencer marketing and effectively contributes to the achievement of high-level goals.

At the start of an influencer campaign, the goals and strategy are first defined. Various influencer categories are then determined, on the basis of which an influencer selection is decided. This can consist of new and existing collaborations. After the selection has been checked for various KPIs, the implementation follows. Possible implementation examples are simple broadcasts, posts / stories, takeovers, live sessions, etc. Finally, the campaign is evaluated on the basis of a Storyclash report and optimization options for future influencer partnerships are recorded.

Initial situation and problem definition

After the planning of the Instagram influencer promo ampoule campaign (76 influencers advertise the product on Instagram between March 12th and 20th) was completed and the first products were sent out, Babor started the influencer monitoring of all participating influencers.

Babor's goal was to record all postings and stories in which Babor products were mentioned or shown and to evaluate them in the next step in order to measure and assess the success of the campaign.

Babor Product
Story Screen

Problem #1:
Manual story monitoring

After the planning of the Instagram influencer promo ampoule campaign (76 influencers advertise the product on Instagram between March 12th and 20th) was completed and the first products were sent out, Babor started the influencer monitoring of all participating influencers.

Problem #2:
Missing KPIs for reporting

In influencer broadcasts, metrics such as reach and media value are very important. Since all influencer collaborations did not offer the possibility of page connect, the challenge was to obtain and measure the corresponding KPIs. Without comprehensive reporting in these areas, the success of the campaign cannot be evaluated and no conclusions can be drawn from the project.

Babor KPIS

The realisation with Storyclash

With Storyclash, Babor can choose from their pre-created influencer lists and display all Instagram stories as well as posts of the individual pages. Even easier is going to their brand page in the 'Discover Creators' module, where they can display all associated creators of the past 12 months. The highlight for Babor is the keyword and hashtag search in the tool's search bar. All you need is a search query for 'Babor' and Storyclash filters out the posts relevant for the company. This way you even get those posts & stories where only the lettering 'Babor' is visible on the product.

Babor KW

(Screenshot Storyclash: associated creators of Babor)

Babor Stories

(Screenshot social media report Babor: 'national paid cooperations')

The evaluation of the collected stories and posts of the influencers is done by 'Campaigns' - a quick and easy reporting possibility. The total number of posts & stories, engagement rate, estimated reach & media value of the influencer content are recorded and determine the success of the campaign. Due to the clear breakdown of the most important metrics, conclusions can be drawn quickly and the entire campaign as well as individual influencers can be evaluated.

At Babor, the reports from the influencer marketing department are also regularly shared with the online marketing team in order to learn from the projects across departments.

Babor Report

(Screenshot Storyclash: Campaigns Report of Babor)

Jacklyn Odenbreit
Babor Logo

Jacklyn Odenbreit
Social Media Manager at Babor

With Storyclash I can easily analyze how successful my influencer campaigns were. I like how easy it is to create a report and get a quick overview of the campaigns.



paid influencers


unpaid influencers







€ 20.000,-

Media Value

Babor uses Storyclash to track influencer campaigns and measure the media value of these collaborations. The Influencer content is monitored on Instagram and the success of social media influencer campaigns is analyzed and communicated to various stakeholders by means of Storyclash.

In addition, Storyclash is used to benchmark the cosmetics industry.
Used Storyclash functions & use cases:

  • Influencer value monitoring
  • Campaign reporting
  • Benchmarking

Would you like to learn more about influencer marketing and how Storyclash can help you to measure the success of your influencer marketing? Feel free to write us at or click on 'Request a demo' and fill out the form.

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