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Drive growth and scale high-performing campaigns with Storyclash,
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Meet Storyclash, the go-to creator platform for
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Looking to take your creator campaigns to the next level and drive more sales? Storyclash has got you covered.

Global discovery

Find brand-fit creators who share your values, and check out their previous collabs.

In-depth analytics

From engagement rate to revenue, measure what matters for your programs.

Efficient team collaboration

Plan and manage your collabs together and in one place, so you can go from outreach to campaign in record time.

Storyclash is the best research tool for us! It gives us direct insight into influencer collaborations and allows us to book creators in a more accurate and performance-oriented way.
Eva Schumacher
Head of Social Media, Bears with Benefits
We use Storyclash to have a look at the collaborations of individual influencers. We also monitor competitors and find new creators. Instagram Stories can still be viewed after 24 hours, which is extremely valuable for us. The simple and very intuitive handling of the tool are clear plus points, as is the customer support, which answers our inquiries in the shortest possible time.
Fiona Macpherson
Influencer Marketing Lead, Wild

AI-powered Influencer discovery & vetting

Whether you’re seeking a food blogger who creates vegan desserts or a curvy fashionista with a passion for sustainability, Storyclash helps you find them. With the most powerful AI search on the market and a global database of 120M+ creators, we empower brands to find perfect influencers for long-term collaborations—even non-obvious ones who don’t fit into a generic category or filter.

  • Instagram, TikTok and YouTube creator data
  • AI recommendations based on previous collabs
  • Smart search options including Lookalikes
  • Access previous content including Instagram stories
  • View collaboration history

Campaign management

Streamline your influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. You can manage campaigns with a simple dashboard, reach out to influencers directly within Storyclash, and take advantage of automation features to save even more time.

  • Campaign planning dashboard
  • Share creators for approval
  • In-platform email functionality
  • Budgeting
  • Store contracts, briefs and key documents

Analytics & tracking

Analyze how your creator campaigns perform across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and calculate the ROI. Missed an Instagram story? Don’t worry—with Storyclash, you can watch it up to a year later.

  • Native e-commerce integration
  • 50+ influencer KPI metrics
  • Click & Conversion tracking
  • ROI and ROAS measurement
  • Interactive, shareable reports

Global market & competitor research

See every creator your competitors work with, and tap into their content and strategies. With Storyclash, you can easily compare share-of-voice and other key metrics to create industry reports and benchmarks.

  • Campaign insights from any brand
  • Competitor and creator content
  • Competitor benchmarking

Proven impact

Why choose Storyclash

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Any questions left?

How does Storyclash help DTC brands find authentic influencers?

Storyclash provides many ways to search, including lookalikes, product URLs, images, and more—whatever works best for you. Our AI search technology is the most advanced on the market. It’s almost effortless to find influencers who genuinely align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience.

Does Storyclash track all types of content, including Instagram Stories?

Yes, Storyclash allows you to track all creator content, including Instagram Stories, for up to a year afterward. This ensures you never miss a piece of content and can check in on your campaigns when it suits you.

Does Storyclash offer ROI and ROAS tracking?

Yes, Storyclash enables you to track key performance metrics like ROI and ROAS for your influencer campaigns. With our Shopify integration and comprehensive analytics, you can easily measure the impact of your efforts and optimize your strategies for maximum results.

Does Storyclash support messaging and influencer outreach?

Yes. With Storyclash, you can email creators directly within the platform. Our automation and personalization features allow you to save time and contact several creators at once, without losing that personal touch. This helps you streamline your outreach process and makes it easier to establish partnerships with the right influencers for your brand.

Can you use Storyclash to spy on competitors?

Absolutely. Storyclash allows you to dive deep into your competitors' influencer activities. You can see every creator they work with, all the content they produce together, and the results.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?

Storyclash is the platform of choice for successful DTC brands, and we’d love to show you why. Talk to our team and see what Storyclash can do for you.

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