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Campaign Reporting &
Discover Creators
Find brand-fit Instagram influencers with the world's first content-based search engine.
starts at
*per month, per country,
for 12-month contracts
Use unlimited search queries
Analyze previous brand collaborations
Explore recommendations & lookalikes
Search for keywords in posts & stories
Campaign Tracking & Reporting
Track your creators on all platforms and share reports of your campaigns.
starts at
*per month,
for 12-month contracts
Track paid & earned influencer content
Monitor brand mentions in IG stories
Share interactive reports with anyone
Analyze campaigns across all platforms
Enterprise Solution
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Full onboarding plan
For all users
Instant chat support
Quick troubleshooting in app or via email
Premium service
Set up for success with a dedicated account manager

Discover Creators
Find influencers based on content
  • Unlimited search queries
  • Brand mentions
  • Hashtags, keywords, links, URLs
  • AI-driven search in IG stories for text detection
AI powered influencer recommendations
  • Based on your competitors
  • Based on content similarity
  • Based on previous partnerships
  • Trending creators
  • High performing creators
Brand collaboration insights
  • Chronological collaboration timeline
  • Total number of branded content in posts & stories
  • Saved IG stories from past 6 months
  • Influencer mentions in content from brands
  • Top branded posts
Influencer insights
  • Engagement rate (branded & non-branded)
  • Rate of branded content
  • Follower growth
  • Estimated reach
  • Estimated media value (customizable)
  • Personal creator network
  • 30+ metrics
Competitor insights
  • Brand detail page
  • Associated creators
  • Content search in posts & stories
  • Insights on influencer strategies
  • Follower growth
Audience data reports
  • Audience location
  • Audience gender
  • Audience age group
  • Audience quality score
  • Fake follower analysis
Manage Creators
  • Add contract details, files and notescoming soon
  • Timeline of your team's activitiescoming soon
  • Campaign lists for creatorscoming soon
  • Customizable fields for better admincoming soon
Supported regions
  • EU
  • US
  • UK
  • Africacoming soon
  • South Americacoming soon
  • Middle Eastcoming soon
  • Asiacoming soon
Campaign Tracking & Reporting
Cross-platform influencer tracking
  • Instagram feed posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Tiktok
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
Campaign tracking
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Brand mentions
  • Hashtags & keywords
  • AI-powered text recognition in stories
  • Link sticker search
  • Search in IG stories and post descriptions
Campaign insights
  • 30+ metrics
  • Total posts & stories
  • Engagement per post/creator/total
  • Estimated reach per post/creator/total
  • Estimated media value (customizable)
  • Campaign goalscoming soon
Campaign reports
  • Shareable online reports
  • Export as XLS
  • Export as CSV
  • Export as PDF
  • Download posts, stories and videos
  • Self-updating reports
Report customization
  • Include missing content pieces
  • Exclude content or creators from report
  • Tagging of individual posts & stories
  • Historical & current data
  • Add creators individually or in bulk
Filter your reports
  • Time range
  • By brand/campaign
  • Tags
  • Platforms
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