Market & competitor insights
to drive your creator strategy

Wondering who your competitors work with? Or what kind of content
performs best in your industry? Storyclash makes it easy to find out.

Market research

Discover the social media &
creator strategy of any brand

Reverse-engineer any brand's strategy with a simple search of our extensive database. You can gain insights into competitors, brands in your industry, your own brand, or literally any brand you’re interested in.

  • Spy on competitors
  • Get inspired by your favorite brands
  • Benchmark your brand against others

Get inspired

Explore any brand's earned and owned content

With Storyclash, you can tap into a brand’s content and performance on every platform. See which creator mentioned them on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and review the KPIs to inform your own approach. Use the data to understand how they use creator content for their owned media strategy.

  • View a brand’s posts and stories
  • Explore creator content
  • Analyze content types, formats, and creators

Strategy analysis

Analyze other brands’ influencer strategies

With Storyclash, you can dig deep into any brand’s creator strategy and the results. See at a glance:

  • Who they work with
  • Where their creators are based
  • How many followers their creators have
  • Which formats they prefer
  • How often they collaborate with the same creators

Collaboration insights

Steal your competitor’s best creators

Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, Storyclash shows you everyone a brand has worked with over the past 12 months. At the click of a button, you can review every piece of content they created together and gain insight into key performance metrics like reach, engagement, and media value. If you like what you see, it’s easy to get in touch.

  • Find out which creators drive results
  • See every brand a creator works with
  • Message creators directly via the Storyclash platform

Proven Impact

Why brands love Storyclash

We help brands get noticeably better results with creator marketing


top brands

Trailblazers across all industries rely on Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


more collaborations

Deodorant pioneer Wild achieved 500% more collaborations and 66% higher efficiency by using Storyclash.


more revenue

Bears with Benefits saw 60% more reach, 100% more engagement, and 20% more revenue per creator (YoY) with Storyclash.

Over 200 leading brands trust Storyclash

Brands around the world use Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


Any questions left?

How can you see who a brand works with?

Open the Storyclash platform, search for any brand, and navigate to the “Creators” tab. You’ll see every influencer who has mentioned the brand within the last 12 months. Click to expand the view and you’ll also see the content they created together, and the results.

How do you find out if a creator has already worked with competitors?

Search for the creator’s name on Storyclash and then open the “Collaborations” tab. You’ll see every brand they mentioned within the last 12 months, what the content looked like, and the performance.

How can you benchmark your brand against others with Storyclash?

You can run a market report comparing how often your brand has been mentioned. This is a helpful indicator of brand awareness. Typically, the more your brand is being talked about online, the better.

Can you do social listening with Storyclash?

Yes, you can track brand mentions. So you know who is talking about your brand, and what they are saying.

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With the most powerful influencer search technology on the market, Storyclash makes it simple to find new and authentic creators who truly share your brand’s values.



One place to organize your campaigns, workflows, and creator data. With Storyclash, you can launch impactful campaigns in record time.



Measure and analyze your ROI, all your campaigns, any creator and their content. Storyclash helps you make better decisions with actionable insights into every campaign.

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