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Need a contract? A brief? Get a headstart with our handy
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Influencer Marketing Outreach Template

Influencer Outreach Template

Need a hand contacting influencers? Just use our free influencer outreach template.

  • How to stand out when contacting influencers.
  • Which communication channels should you use?
  • Manage your outreach campaign like a pro.
Influencer Marketing Contract Template

Influencer Contract Template

A comprehensive influencer contract protects your brand from unpleasant surprises. Grab your free template here.

  • How to draft an effective influencer agreement.
  • The key points to include.
  • Should you consider a lawyer?
Influencer Marketing Briefing Template

Influencer Briefing Template

A clear brief is essential for effective campaigns. Feel free to use our template.

  • How to to write a great influencer brief.
  • What to include.
  • Do's and don'ts.
Influencer Marketing Campaign Checklist

Influencer Marketing Campaign Checklist

Set up your influencer marketing for success. Use this influencer marketing checklist to deliver a best practice influencer campaign.

  • Plan all phases.
  • Stay organized and on top.
  • Pre-set tasks.
Influencer Marketing Media Value Calculator

Influencer Marketing Media Value Calculator

With this free media value calculator we help you discover the influencer media value for any collaboration or campaign.

  • Receive a total estimated media value.
  • Compare and monitor your influencer media value with other social media and marketing campaigns.
  • Use the influencer media value as an additional metric in your influencer reporting.

Influencer Marketing Templates

Discover ready-to-use influencer marketing templates brought to you by the experts at Storyclash, the leading AI-based influencer marketing platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating influencer marketing docs from scratch.
Whether you need a contract, a brief, a campaign checklist, or outreach emails, Storyclash has got you covered.

Download any template now for free to get a head start on your campaigns.

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