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Build your own limitless creator network with Storyclash. The only Influencer CRM software you need to manage your Influencer relationships, track your campaigns, and collaborate with your team.

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Influencer CRM

Manage all your Influencer data in one place.

Goodbye error-prone excel sheets, au revoir messy Google docs. The Influencer data dashboard gives you a complete and unified view of all the creators you work with. You can store and manage all your campaign and Influencer data in one dashboard, enriched with first party data from all available social networks.

  • Add as many creators as you want and see them all in one list.
  • Easily edit your Influencer data with drag and drop.
  • Keep organized with customizable fields, labels, tags, and notes.
  • Upload your own files to include existing contact info and campaign data.

Connect with new creators effortlessly

Reach out to influencers you’re interested in and track the outcome— all within the Storyclash platform. Storyclash streamlines the entire outreach process, making it simple to send personalized messages and expand your network of creators. You can see at a glance which creators you've contacted and where you are in the outreach process, making it easier than ever before to build strong connections with creators.

Influencer CRM
Influencer CRM

Keep track of every detail about your Influencers, from personal preferences to campaign history.

An Influencer CRM is more than just a database - it's a powerful platform that can help you build meaningful, lasting relationships with your Influencers. From shoe size to preferred brands, from pricing details to early morning habits, you can add every single detail about your Influencer partners to quickly find and assess the perfect partner for your next campaign. And never miss their dog’s birthday.

Organize your campaigns and collaborations from the past, present and future.

Get a glimpse into running campaigns, plan your future events and build lists for your Xmas gift seedings: with labels, custom fields, lists and a ton of filters it’s up to you how you want to track and manage your influencers. We’re keeping you and your team organized. Become the Marie Kondo of your own influencer collaborations.

Influencer CRM
Influencer CRM

Team collaboration made easy.

Keep your team in sync with shared dashboards, lists and media files - everything in one place. Share insights, tag team members and leave internal comments on every campaign and content piece to transfer knowledge quickly within your team.

Get an Influencer CRM, Influencer Discovery Tool and analytics platform all-in-one.

Discover predictable pricing that scales with you - for brands and agencies of every size.

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Supported Platforms
facebook monitoring instagram monitoring twitter monitoring youtube monitoring tiktok monitoring

The Storyclash Influencer CRM plugs into all popular social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

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