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Streamline your creator marketing with Storyclash,
the all-in-one platform that makes complex collaborations simple.

Meet Storyclash, the go-to creator platform for global brands

Looking for brand-safe creator discovery, standardized campaign processes, and actionable analytics? Storyclash was built for you.

Global discovery

Find creators anywhere who share your values, and verify their brand collaboration history.

Analytics & reporting

Measure content around product launches and events—even on IG stories and plug in your own API.

Effective management

Gain full visibility of all your collabs across every region and platform.

AI-powered Influencer discovery & vetting

With the most powerful AI search on the market and a global database of 120M+ creators, we empower brands to find the perfect influencers for every type of activation:

  • Instagram, TikTok and YouTube creator data
  • AI recommendations based on previous collabs
  • Smart search options including Lookalikes
  • Access previous content including Instagram stories
  • View brand collaboration history

Campaign management

Storyclash makes it easy to manage and run influencer marketing on a global scale. Onboard all your supporters and stakeholders and assign role-based access rights to ensure security and compliance.

  • Easy-to-use planning board
  • Share creators for approval
  • In-platform email functionality
  • Budgeting & ROI overview
  • Store contracts, briefs and key documents
  • Manage permissions

Analytics & reporting

Measure your success and optimize future campaigns with our comprehensive analytics. Storyclash can help you prove the value of your campaigns and produce insightful reports ready to share with senior leadership.

  • 50+ influencer KPI metrics
  • Shareable View Only Reports
  • Content tracking for events and product launches
  • ROI measurement with EMV and Shopify revenue
  • API access to integrate performance data everywhere

Global market & competitor research

See every creator your competitors work with, and tap into their content and strategies. With Storyclash, you can easily compare share-of-voice and other key metrics to create industry reports and benchmarks.

  • Gain insights into every campaign across the globe
  • View all content from every brand and every creator
  • Dissect their owned and earned social media strategy
  • Conduct competitor benchmarking


Benefit from expert guidance tailored to your needs. Our team provides one-on-one consultations and continuous support to help you maximize your influencer marketing efforts.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Chat phone support
  • Regular strategy review sessions
  • Access to a community of brands and creators
  • Events to learn, share and network
  • On-demand training and support

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Any questions left?

How does Storyclash help enterprises manage influencer marketing?

Storyclash streamlines the process of managing influencer campaigns by providing tools for discovery, campaign management, analytics, and reporting, all on one unified platform.

Which influencer marketing metrics can you track with Storyclash?

You can track a wide range of metrics including engagement rates, reach, ROI, ROAS, conversion rates, and more, helping you to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How does Storyclash ensure brand safety?

Storyclash offers comprehensive vetting tools to review an influencer’s content and collaboration history to ensure they align with your brand’s values and standards.

How does Storyclash handle permissions and access rights?

Storyclash offers a “Workspaces” feature that enables you to manage permissions and access rights within the platform. This ensures team members only have access to the information and campaigns they need.

How can you analyze competitors' influencer strategies?

With Storyclash, you can view the content and creators associated with any brand, covering both owned media and creator strategies. Our platform allows you to run detailed market reports to gain a deeper understanding of your industry, helping you stay ahead by analyzing their tactics and partnerships.

Ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level?

Storyclash is the go-to platform for large enterprises, and we’d love to show you why.
Talk to our team and see what Storyclash can do for you.

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