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How the Swedish fashion brand Gina Tricot redefined their influencer marketing with Storyclash

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About Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot was established in 1997 as a Swedish retail chain designed to offer women the latest in fashion. What started as an idea at the kitchen table of the Appelqvist family has now grown into an international brand with approximately 150 stores in four European countries, as well as e-commerce within Europe. They have a passion for fashion, with the goal of always offering the customers a new and exciting shopping experience, regardless of how they shop or how often they shop. They offer their customers clothing and accessories for every occasion and every day of the week, from trendy key pieces and party outfits to basics and must-have jeans.

Gina Tricot's head office is located in Borås, a city considered the capital of the Scandinavian fashion industry. The headquarters - a spectacular glass building - is home to more than 200 employees from various departments - from design and purchasing to the marketing team. At Storyclash, we are excited to support Gina Tricot’s influencer marketing team and help them to save time and money with our solutions.

Gina Tricot About

Gina Tricot concept store in Copenhagen © Gina Tricot

Influencer marketing at Gina Tricot

For this case study, we had the chance to talk with Linn Karlsson, Influencer Marketing Specialist at Gina Tricot. With her over 3 years experience from Influencer Marketing and her bachelor’s degree from the Swedish School of Textiles, Linn is a specialist in Influencer Marketing within the fashion industry. Prior to her current position at Gina Tricot, she’s worked at the Swedish brand RevolutionRace. Linn is one of many talented women at Gina Tricot as the company has about 1,900 employees and about 98% of the workforce are women. As a company, Gina Tricot has chosen to actively invest in and promote women.

Gina Tricot Influencer marketing

Fashion for women by women © Gina Tricot

”Our mission when it comes to influencer marketing is to have a passionate community of influencers and creators that genuinely loves our brand and what we do, which also reflects in our collaborations,” Linn tells us.

The goal with Gina Tricot's influencer marketing is to increase brand awareness, as well as drive traffic and sales. It’s important to always identify new opportunities to bring customers closer to the brand. The influencer marketing team works daily with growing a network of influencers and strengthen relationships both with profiles and agencies.

During the past year TikTok has become a platform of great importance for Gina Tricot when it comes to our Influencer marketing strategy. We’ve built a whole new Gina Tricot Community with TikTok creators and Storyclash has been a perfect tool during this process with their ”Discover creators” function. They recently launched the new functions “Smart AI Search and Lookalikes” where we can use images to find creators and get to work with our AI-powered recommendation engine, which has been very helpful for us when scouting new profiles. We also save a lot of time when scouting profiles by using "Influencer monitoring". Then we can analyze the influencers’ statistics and audience directly in the platform before the outreach.

Linn Karlsson
Ginatricot Black

Linn Karlsson
Influencer Marketing Specialist

We use Storyclash in every aspect of an influencer campaign, and we wouldn't be able to deliver the same high quality without their analysis & content tools. Storyclash is a significant tool in our daily work, and I cannot imagine ever stop using it. Every Influencer marketing team should implement this tool in their strategy and discover the power of Storyclash.

The Challenges

Gina Tricot has a highly professional marketing team that consists of several influencer marketing specialists, content creators and social media managers. Having the right people, a smart go-to-market strategy and great products in place is one thing, but the devil is in the detail.

And so, the challenges ultimately begin in the implementation of their influencer campaigns. Before Gina Tricot relied on Storyclash, there were two specific challenges that we take a closer look at here.

Story Screen

Challenge #1:
Keeping Track of collaborations

One major challenge for Gina Tricot's influencer marketing has been the tracking and monitoring of their influencer collaborations. Since a lot of their influencer collaborations are on Instagram stories, the marketing team faces the problem that this content disappears within 24 hours. To keep track, Instagram stories needed to be manually recorded or screenshotted every day of the week. The task was to use the native apps - like Instagram in this case - and store all content in a database and spreadsheets. With a lot of different influencers in several countries, this work was of course very time-consuming. Otherwise, content would be lost.

They also have to make sure that the correct UTM links are used, in order to be able to track the statistics from the collaboration. With Storyclash, they can see which links the profile has used in the stories and therefore they gain more control over every collaboration.

Challenge #2:
Finding the best content for their own channels

Working with influencers is more than just using their social media presence to sell more products. The strong partnerships with their creators are also reflected in Gina Tricot’s brand appearance. To integrate influencer content, the influencer and social media team are searching for influencer content to potentially use for Gina Tricot’s own channels. To quickly decide which images, reels and stories from different platforms could be useful for their channels, Gina Tricot needed a solution to have all influencer content available at one click. The alternative has been to scroll through the native social media apps, one profile after the other to find the right posts.

Babor KPIS

The realisation with Storyclash

In May 2020 Gina Tricot and Storyclash teamed up to improve and automate certain tasks in their influencer marketing. The exhausting job of recording and tracking influencer activities is now done automatically with Storyclash. This not only saves a lot of time, but also increases the quality of the reports.

"Since we started using your tool, we really save a lot of time. Before, we manually checked all the influencers we work with to see exactly how the collaboration was implemented. But thanks to you guys, we can just see that with one click." Linn explained.

Linn also explains another motive why she and the influencer marketing team choose to work with Storyclash, "The reason we chose you was also because we wanted to see all the content from our influencers gathered in one place. We love the filter bar that allows us to sort by time period, country or platform.” All content in one place with a simple download functionality is a big plus for the influencer team at Gina Tricot.“We appreciate how easy it is to create the reports and get a quick overview of all the influencers that we have booked for a collaboration during a certain month.”

Gina Tricot Storyclash

Influencer Content including Instagram Stories © Storyclash

Linn Karlsson
Ginatricot Black

Linn Karlsson
Influencer Marketing Specialist

A highlight for us is the wide range of content we can see at a glance. If we like something, we just download it and use it for our own channels.


The Storyclash technology helps the Swedish fashion brand Gina Tricot with tracking and analyzing their influencer collaborations. With one click, all their influencers are displayed with all content, including Instagram Stories from the past. Gina Tricot's influencer and social media team can easily create reports, filtered by time period, country, and platform, and share them within the team. Instead of manually tracking influencers, the time can be invested in recruiting new content creators and maintaining existing collaborations.

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Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot

We’re always looking for new ways to develop the company, as we seek out sustainable solutions, creative working ideas, and unique collaboration opportunities. It's all part of becoming better at what we do – and as an international fashion supplier, we put our hearts into the work

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