Discover brand-fit
influencers in seconds

Storyclash makes it easier than ever to find authentic creators
who drive results for your brand.


Effortless influencer discovery

Storyclash makes every part of the process easy, from the first hello to contract signing.

1. Search for influencers

Find your perfect creator based on keywords, visual appearance, or performance data. Storyclash’s AI technology makes it simple to search through millions of creators in seconds.

2. Assess brand-fit

Check out the creator’s content (including Instagram Stories!), previous collaborations, and more to make sure they’re right for you.

3. Get in touch

No need to waste time hunting for their email address. You can reach out directly over the Storyclash platform and keep track of your outreach efforts.

Influencer Discovery

Every campaign starts with finding the right creators

We want to make sure you find creators who have that mysterious brand-fit. Creators who might not check a specific box, but who align with everything your brand stands for, in terms of looks and values.

Conventional influencer search tools often fall short. There is no filter for “makeup artist with tattoos” or “momfluencer who also has a poodle.” Finding the right creators for your brand goes beyond categories, metrics, and filters.

We know that. That’s why, with Stoyclash, you can search for influencers in multiple ways, from natural language search to AI lookalikes.

Discover creators with the power of AI

Storyclash has the most powerful influencer discovery technology of any tool on the market. Pinpointing the perfect match,
down to the most unique details, is not just possible—it's simple. Discover Storyclash’s unmatched precision and flexible discovery options:

Describe what you’re looking for in natural language to discover creators with the power of AI.

Smart image search

Use a reference image to find look-a-like creators.

Smart product URL search

Copy and paste a product URL from your online shop and find influencers suited to promoting that product.

AI recommendations

Get personalized suggestions based on past searches and collabs - no need to search at all!

We believe in authenticity

Not every creator is a fit for your brand. That's why we make sure you have all the information you need to partner with the right creators.

Creator insights

Vet influencers before reaching out

Storyclash provides deep insights into every single creator. So you have all the information you need to decide if they are the right fit for your brand.
Tap into performance metrics like engagement rate and media value.

Cross-platform data

See creator’s collaborations history

You wouldn’t hire someone without checking their resume and references. It’s important to vet every influencer you work with and review their previous partnerships.

Storyclash shows you a timeline of the tracked collaborations from the past 12 months. You can even check what the content looked like, and how it performed.

Proven Impact

Why brands love Storyclash

We help brands get noticeably better results with creator marketing


top brands

Trailblazers across all industries rely on Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


more collaborations

Deodorant pioneer Wild achieved 500% more collaborations and 66% higher efficiency by using Storyclash.


more revenue

Bears with Benefits saw 60% more reach, 100% more engagement, and 20% more revenue per creator (YoY) with Storyclash.

Over 200 leading brands trust Storyclash

Brands around the world use Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


Any questions left?

What is influencer discovery?

Influencer discovery is the process of finding influencers to promote your brand or product.

How many influencers are in the Storyclash database?

You can find over 120M+ creators in the Storyclash platform. This number continues to grow everyday.

Which search filters are available?

You can filter based on follower size, engagement rate, country, city, language, gender, and category.

What makes Storyclash different from other influencer marketing platforms in terms of discovering new creators to work with?

Storyclash uses AI search and image recognition technology to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for an influencer with red hair, or freckles, or who drinks a lot of coffee, you can find them even if they haven’t explicitly mentioned that in their content.

Which search options are available?

Storyclash has more search options than any other influencer platform on the market (as far as we know). You can search using text, a reference image, or a product URL. Or you can find influencers similar to your current favorites with our Lookalike feature.

Can you use Storyclash to find niche influencers?

Yes, with Storyclash you can easily find influencers in any niche or industry. Just type in what you’re looking for and use filters (like language or location) to refine your search.

How do you find influencers who are right for your brand?

To discover influencers who are a fit for your brand, check their content to be sure they share your values and meet your quality standards. Storyclash gives you full insight into their content and metrics, so you can thoroughly vet influencers before reaching out.

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One place to organize your campaigns, workflows, and creator data. With Storyclash, you can launch impactful campaigns in record time.



Measure and analyze your ROI, all your campaigns, any creator and their content. Storyclash helps you make better decisions with actionable insights into every campaign.

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