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About Josera

Josera is a German family owned business and specialists in pet food. Anyone who chooses food for their dog, cat or horse from Josera gets "Petfood with passion", which is the motto of the company from Kleinheubach near Aschaffenburg.

For over 80 years, Josera has stood for sustainable action in the interests of customers, employees and the environment. The brand's goal is always to become "greener". A milestone on the way to this goal was achieved by implementing a 100% climate-neutral production process.

As a 3rd generation family run business Josera has undergone major transformations by constantly repositioning both communication and distribution channels. In 2012 the online shop was launched after which Josera decided to become active on social media, first with Facebook quickly followed by Instagram. Josera currently has over 20,000 followers on the German channel alone.

In this success story, we look at how the traditional company has also gained an edge in the young marketing discipline of influencer marketing.

Josera About

© Josera

Influencer Marketing at Josera

For Josera influencer marketing happened naturally, "We just fell into it," says Lorena. In fact, the first contacts with well-known Petfluencers did not come via Instagram but offline during photo shoots with pet photographer Christian Vieler.


Shooting in Berlin mit unserem Partner Christian Vieler 🥰 Wie findet Ihr die Ergebnisse? 🐶 #cutepets #hunde #hundeliebe #petsoftiktok

♬ Cradles - Sub Urban

With the influencer contacts that were made during this time, the first campaigns were then also launched.

The challenges

Story Screen

Challenge #1:
Finding the right influencers

After initial contacts were made offline, events such as photo shoots were becoming difficult to organise due to the pandemic. A digital approach of searching for contacts became the focus at the beginning of 2020

Searching directly on Instagram and TikTok is relatively time-consuming. In addition, it is often difficult to tell through Stories how the Petfluencers really work. Lorena and her team needed a tool that would provide answers to the questions of which influencers really fit Josera and whether both their content and the decisive KPIs fit.

Challenge #2:
Monitoring and Reporting

Josera divides its Pefluencer partnerships into three categories: one-off, repeat and long-term. Content posted by influencers is also used for their own channels.

It is important that the content team at Josera keeps track of all partnerships. Since most of the content of the influencer collaborations is published in Instagram Stories, screenshots had to be taken daily for proper reporting or else, Stories were lost.

There was an elaborate filing system for the screenshots and videos of the stories. All in all, this procedure was a time-consuming task and due to the continuous expansion of influencer marketing, difficult for the team to manage.

Babor KPIS

Realisation with Storyclash


To discover new potential influencers, research is a necessary first step. "When searching for influencers, I use the keyword search in Storyclash a lot. Here I search for content on specific keywords to precisely reach my niche," Lorena explains. With the search term "dog AND family", for example, family bloggers with dogs can be found.

Lorena Scheurich
Lorena Scheurich

Lorena Scheurich
Influencer Marketing Manager

When searching for influencers, I use the keyword search in Storyclash where I can find content for specific keywords to reach my niche.

This works in the Storyclash tool "Discover Creators". The content-based influencer search engine is a special feature designed for this task. Instead of searching for specific demographic data, all content is searched directly and corresponding suggestions are made.

Once suitable influencers have been found, the next step is to check the quality of the content.

Lorena: "The quality of the influencers' content simply has to fit. I always ask myself: Do we fit? Does the influencer's content fit in with us and would our products also fit in with their account?”

In addition, Lorena also checks the comments column directly on Instagram. It is exciting to see how influencers interact with their community, how the influencers interact with their followers are important values in the assessment of a collaboration.

When analysing influencers, it is important to check their credibility and authenticity. Frequent promotions of various brands and products in a short period of time can definitely influence the credibility of the influencer and lower the value of the brand.

Josera Influencer marketing

Saved Instagram posts & stories © Storyclash

What is generally understandable and valid is especially true for the pet food industry. Because food changes very rarely, Once a dog or its owner has found a brand, it makes little sense to advertise the same product from another brand.

Influencers are checked to confirm whether they are already in collaboration with competitors, a task that has been made much easier with Storyclash


When it comes to monitoring and reporting influencer campaigns, there is one challenge that many teams face - missing out on actual posted content. As most of the content is published through Instagram Stories, they are only available to view for 24 hours after which they are lost.

"We used to take screenshots of all the stories. Now we can look up everything easily in Storyclash, in case we miss something."

Because Storyclash saves Instagram Stories and makes them accessible, reports can easily be created after a campaign. This saves Josera's content team the trouble of a tedious filing system and also from screenshotting during the weekend.

Josera Influencer marketing

Influencer campaign report © Storyclash

The reports can be segmented according to different influencer groups, such as horse or dog influencers, or geographically. In addition, the media value of a campaign can be determined and the content can be compared afterwards.

Because in the end, it's not just the numbers that count. As is so often the case in marketing, it's the implementation and the quality of content. With Storyclash, this can be analysed perfectly.

Lorena Scheurich
Lorena Scheurich

Lorena Scheurich
Influencer Marketing Manager

In the past, we used to take screenshots of all the stories. We can now look up stories easily in Storyclash even after they have expired .


Josera went fully into influencer marketing almost two years ago and is steadily expanding this area in the marketing mix. For the discovery and analysis of new potential influencers, the team around Lorena Scheurich needs the help of a tool. With Storyclash, Josera finds new influencers from the pet sector and can also track existing and ongoing collaborations. For the evaluation of influencer campaigns, Storyclash automatically creates reports including all content created by the creators.


By the way: Storyclash and Josera were represented at the OMR Masterclasses in May 2021. You can watch the whole case on Petfluencer Marketing at Josera here on YouTube.

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