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About Les Lunes

The responsible fashion brand was founded in 2012 and has since 2019, in addition to France, also a location in Germany. Especially through the extremely popular signature products, the jumpsuits and bamboo leggings, the brand was able to quickly win many fans. Ever since the company launches selected favorite styles that are developed together with customers and influencers and has been able to secure a firm place in the fashion world with its diverse range.

True to the motto "Look Like Friday - Feel Like Sunday" and "Do Good, Look Good, Feel Good", Les Lunes' mission is to produce in a resource-conserving and responsible manner. The demands on the clothing are high, comfort and sensitive handling of materials are paramount.

Josera About

The influencer marketing team of Les Lunes © Les Lunes

Influencer Marketing at Les Lunes

As with many brands in the industry, in the early days on Instagram it was mainly self-shot images for which employees stood in front of the camera. But the potential of high-quality, unique content was quickly recognized.

On its social media channels, the in-house content team creates most of the content, which is authentically spiced up with selected influencer content. Meanwhile, Les Lunes also works with professional models and photographers to shoot campaign shots in various locations, such as Bari or Málaga.

The early focus on influencer collaborations gave the then still small team a decent attention and sales boost. Since then, the 6-person influencer marketing team in Germany has been responsible for a significant portion of the brand's sales.

When it comes to influencer marketing, it is also important to take country-specific characteristics into account in the course of internationalization. For example, classic and elegant products tend to work better on the French market, while Germans are more comfortable with "cozy" products.

The challenges

Story Screen

Challenge #1:
Finding authentic influencers who suit Les Lunes

For the team around Martina Schumacher, it takes a lot of effort to search for new, suitable influencers on Instagram every day, then contact them and enter into initial collaborations.

But the deeper analysis after a completed collab is particularly challenging: what criteria should be used to evaluate the influencers in order to decide whether to continue the collaboration. The goal, of course, is to have many long-term, profitable collabs - here, the supreme discipline is to be able to correctly assess the creators' potential early on.

Challenge #2:
Evaluating competitor content retrospectively

(Almost) every DTC brand now does influencer marketing, especially in the fashion sector. However, getting an insight into their strategy is often not easy: Too many co-ops, too much content, too many factors that can make or break the success of a campaign.

However, this is exactly the kind of market analysis that provides a lot of insights and aha moments. Les Lunes wants to evaluate the content of competitors and their influencers, asynchronously, and always keep an eye on the market and current trends.

Babor KPIS

The realisation with Storyclash


"Storyclash mainly supports us in influencer marketing to find suitable creators for our brand," says Martina, Influencer Marketer at Les Lunes.

The various features, such as category search, audience filter and content-based search, allow the company to pursue different sourcing methods. Les Lunes thus has qualitative results available in a short time - even in the smallest niche.

Les Lunes influencer marketing

The "Discover Creators" search results with filters of Les Lunes © Storyclash


The Brand Collaborations timeline gives a good overview of whether the creators have already collaborated with similar brands and what content they produce - even outside of branded posts.

Martina Schumacher
Martina Schumacher

Martina Schumacher
Influencer Marketing Manager

You pulled me in with the brand collaborations feature. Evaluating competitor campaigns has never been that easy.

Les Lunes influencer marketing

The "Brand Collaborations" timeline in the creator detail view © Storyclash


To understand current market trends and competitor activity, Les Lunes gathers insights into competitor content and performance.

Les Lunes influencer marketing

Brand Page “ABOUT YOU Deutschland” with an overview of KPIs and content © Storyclash

Les Lunes influencer marketing

"Associated Creators" of the brand page “ABOUT YOU Deutschland” © Storyclash


Efficiently source 100% brand-appropriate influencers, analyze competitor collaborations, and analyze and understand the market: This is the magic formula for successful influencer marketing and increased ROI from Les Lunes.

Since implementing the Storyclash influencer marketing platform, Les Lunes' marketing team reports significant efficiency gains: "Working with Storyclash saves us dozens of hours of work - many tedious tasks have simply disappeared from our To Do lists. We feel this relief every day: we are more efficient and can approach our influencer marketing activities in a more targeted way."

The scalable, reliable increase in success while saving resources in the personnel area pays off at all levels.

The Les Lunes Influencer Marketing team reliably and efficiently achieves its goals through valuable storyclash insights, with enough time and space for innovative ideas, product launches and focused in-depth analysis.

Les Lunes is not perceived as a high performer in the fashion sector in general and in influencer marketing in particular for nothing. The further international expansion as well as the growth of the team will continue to be supported by Storyclash as a central platform, which provides a uniform structure and data basis for all female collaborators in Europe.

  • Influencer Discovery
  • Market and competitor analysis
Martina Schumacher
Martina Schumacher

Martina Schumacher
Influencer Marketing Manager

Storyclash has become an integral part of influencer marketing.

Would you like to learn more about influencer marketing and how Storyclash can help you to measure the success of your influencer marketing? Feel free to write us at marketing@storyclash.com or click on 'Request a demo' and fill out the form.

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