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About Yepoda

Yepoda (예쁘다) means "pretty" in Korean - and that already captures the essence of the Berlin-based skin care startup. The beauty newcomer specializes in Korean skin care, so-called K-Beauty products, where they combine Korean expertise with the centuries-old traditions and beauty innovations of the country.

Starting from Germany, Yepoda is about to conquer Europe with Korean skincare and relies on natural and highly effective ingredients.

Babor About

Influencer marketing at Yepoda

Yepoda is not only pursuing a very clear line in terms of production and product quality. The beauty experts are also unwavering in their approach to marketing. Eunyoung Park (Influencer Marketing Manager at Yepoda) gave us exciting insights into the influencer marketing initiatives at Yepoda.

When marketing its products, Yepoda leaves nothing to chance and only relies on influencers who fit the brand and meet strict criteria. The advantage of the precise selection at the beginning of the influencer cycle is the measurably higher success in sales. To do so Yepoda not only needs to discover their influencers but the company also keeps track of their activities.

In this story we want to show you how a startup like Yepoda, which was by the way founded just one year ago, managed to grow with an influencer-first marketing approach.

Some numbers:
1 year since foundation
7 successful skin care products

Eunyoung Park
Yepoda Logo

Eunyoung Park
Influencer Marketing Manager at Yepoda

I cannot make any deal with my influencers without the insights of Storyclash!

Story Screen

Challenge #1:
Evaluate the quality of Instagram content

Analyzing the quality of social media content is essential in the discovery of new influencers. In order to be able to make an informed statement about the fit of an influencer to Yepoda, it is necessary to be able to look at the content over a longer period of time.

Keeping track of all influencer activities is a time consuming job on a daily basis.

Challenge #2:
Finding the right influencers

As mentioned at the beginning, for Yepoda it is important to work with the right influencers from the start who represent the brand in the best possible way. Therefore Yepoda’s influencer marketing team is searching for influencers who already meet their requirements.

"We don't want to change them - we need to find influencers who are already a fit." explained Eunyoung.

Babor KPIS
Story Screen

Challenge #3:
Staying updated in a highly competitive market

Yepoda entered the market in 2020 as a young company with a great set of products and a clear brand philosophy. With K-Beauty products, they were convinced of the product/market fit.

An important task besides gathering information about influencers was to stay updated on what is happening in the industry and in influencer marketing. Insights about current influencer marketing campaigns help the team at Yepoda to stay updated.

The realisation with Storyclash

To meet all these challenges, Yepoda has been looking for a tool that improves the different stages in influencer marketing such as discovery, campaign tracking and monitoring. After one month in which Storyclash was put through its paces, Yepoda decided to use the tool for the long term. A big relief for Yepoda’s influencer marketing initiatives is the fact that Storyclash stores Instagram content and thus gives marketing teams the possibility to analyze them over a longer period of time.

Yepoda Stories

(Screenshot Storyclash: Instagram stories from Yepoda)

Storyclash allows a deep analysis of every influencer. "For me Storyclash is the best tool when it comes to detailed information about influencer activities on Instagram", states Eunyoung.

The Discover Creators module provides a content-based search bar for finding influencers in the beauty scene. By typing in keywords like 'beauty' Yepoda can easily surface content creators and estimate the brand-fit via multiple insightful KPIs right away.

Yepoda Influencer Discovery

(Screenshot Storyclash: The Discover Creators search bar with multiple filter options is helping Yepoda in their discovery process)

With this comprehensive data, Storyclash takes over an important part in the influencer discovery process of the young beauty startup. Therefore Eunyoung states, "I cannot make any deal with my influencers without the insights of Storyclash!".

Yepoda can discover influencers and track their posts & stories with Storyclash. But the tool is not limited to Yepoda’s hashtags and mentions or the influencers they work with. Marketing teams are using Storyclash as a source of inspiration, as it provides insights to all kinds of social media activities.

With the content based search functionality users can quickly get helpful insights into a very large variety of accounts in their respective field. With one click, Storyclash gives you insights into the work of over 80,000 influencers in the D-A-CH region alone.

Eunyoung Park
Yepoda Logo

Eunyoung Park
Influencer Marketing Manager at Yepoda

Storyclash is the best tool when it comes to detailed information about influencer activities on Instagram.


Yepoda uses Storyclash to discover influencers who fit their brand. With Storyclash Yepoda analyzes and monitors Instagram content of influencers over a long period of time and can therefore make valid statements about the performance of influencers.

In addition to that Storyclash is being used for market research.
Used Storyclash functions & use cases:

  • Influencer discovery
  • Influencer monitoring
  • Content & trend discovery

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