The perfect Facebook Monitoring Tool
to track brand mentions & influencers

Monitor your brand, influencers and campaigns on Facebook.

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Monitor your brand & competitors

Monitor your social media performance and compare it to your competitors'. Get real-time and historical collected data from your industry.

Find content trends on Facebook

Find new content trends and topics for your social media strategy. View what’s trending in your industry through social listening.

Influencer reporting on Facebook

Find the best influencers on Facebook and track and communicate the value of your influencer campaigns & collaborations on Facebook.

Facebook Social Media Monitoring

The social media monitoring tool
for Facebook.

With Storyclash, you can monitor mentions of your brand on Facebook. Understand what your influencers and competitors are saying about your brand & industry on Facebook and drive your marketing strategy as a social media marketer.

  • Monitor your brand, influencers and
    competitors on Facebook.
  • Benchmark yourself in your industry.
  • Easily report on Facebook activities and campaigns.

Search and find the best influencers on Facebook.

Monitor your competitors and industry on Facebook to gain insights on their communication strategy. See who is posting about what.

  • Identify content trends on Facebook.
  • See which influencers are mentioning your competitors on Facebook.
  • Find out what's trending in your industry.
Facebook Social Listening

Facebook influencer marketing platform.

Monitor and report on the activities of your influencers on Facebook. Communicate the value of your influencer campaigns. Discover our Facebook influencer database and track Facebook accounts.

Storyclash helps you understand what’s working and what’s not among your audiences.

  • Report on Facebook posts of influencers you work with.
  • Get insights on potential new collaborators and influencers.
  • Track your influencers on a global view. Or zoom in on particular campaigns.
Instagram Influencer Monitoring

The best Facebook monitoring tool
for brands & agencies

Home Benefits
  • Instant answers & Results

    Reports are created, personalized and shared in minutes. Get answers instantly with historic & real-time data.

  • Story monitoring

    80% of brand mentions happen on Stories. Storyclash makes the invisible visible

  • Valuable metrics that matter

    Measure what really matters with KPIs such as media value, mentions and social interactions.

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