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Influencer Marketing Database: How to Find Influencers 10x Faster

Influencer databases exist to make the lives of influencer marketers significantly easier.

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Lefty vs. Storyclash: Which Influencer Marketing Platform Is Best?

Trying to decide between Storyclash and Lefty? There are some key distinctions that could make all the difference.

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How to Track Instagram Stories

Learn how to track the Instagram stories of any brand or creator - even after 24 hours.

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SKIMS: The Marketing Strategy Behind Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear Success

SKIMS, founded by Kim Kardashian, is a powerhouse in shapewear. We uncover their marketing strategy.

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e.l.f Marketing Strategy: Insights into Gen Z’s Fave Makeup Brand

e.l.f Cosmetics, short for Eyes, Lips, Face is the number one cosmetics brand among female teens. So, what’s their secret?

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How to Run a Successful Influencer Seeding Campaign

Product seeding involves sending influencers free products as gifts in return for free publicity on social media.

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Haus Labs: Behind the Marketing Strategy of Lady Gaga’s Clean Beauty Brand

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga, founded by the iconic pop sensation, has made waves with its approach to skin health.

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The Best Influencer Marketing Tools & How to Choose One

Compare the best marketing tools for different kinds of businesses, from DTC startups and small businesses to large enterprise brands.

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Temu: The Marketing Strategy That Outperformed Amazon

Move over Amazon and Shein—a new ecommerce platform is on the block, powered by social media & influencer marketing.

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Gymshark: The Marketing Strategy Behind the Fast-Growing Brand

Since their inception in 2012, they have quickly become one of the go to brands when it comes to everything fitness gear related.

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River Island Influencer Marketing De-constructed: Insights and Takeaways

River Island with an 8 decade pedigree, uses influencer marketing to establish themselves as a household global fashion brand.

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Top 10 Virtual Influencers Rocking the Fashion Industry

We used Storyclash to analyze the content, audiences and collabs of the most famous virtual influencers.

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The Body Shop Influencer Marketing De-constructed: Insights and Takeaways

The Body Shop, a sustainability leader in beauty since the 1970s, uses ethical influencer marketing to reinforce its responsible brand image.

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TALA Influencer Marketing De-constructed: Analysis, Insights and Takeaways

Discover why TALA is rising to the top of Britain's most loved brands on Instagram and TikTok, thanks to their influencer marketing strategy.

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How to Write the Ideal Influencer Contract (+ Free Template!)

Get expert insights on how to create the ideal influencer marketing contract, from scope and payment terms to termination.