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Fitness Influencers X Brands: The Best Collaborations

Take a deep dive into the best performing influencer & brand collabs of the German fitness industry.

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How to Create a Winning Influencer Marketing Strategy (With Checklist)

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Inside Charlotte Tilbury’s Influencer Marketing Strategy: Key Insights and Takeaways

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7 Essential Ways to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Performance

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How Much Does Influencer Marketing Really Cost?

How much does Influencer marketing cost? See a breakdown of all prices per social media platform and format, incl. IG Stories.

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Introducing the Future of Influencer Discovery: How Storyclash is using OpenAI to find brand-fit creators

Meet the future of influencer marketing. Use Storyclash.ai to find brand-fit creators with a simple search.

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Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2023

Learn how to get the best out of your Instagram marketing strategy & check out three inspirational examples.

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The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Best Fashion Brands & Retailers in Germany in Influencer Marketing 2021

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Influencer Marketing 2.0: In Between Cooperation & Co-Creation

Products of a co-creation between influencer and brand have enormous potential in terms of brand awareness & sales.

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Influencer Campaign Insights: Mermaid + Me x derzwuckundich

Check out exclusive influencer campaign insights. Download the report and see all postings including IG stories.

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Best German Beauty Brands in Influencer Marketing 2021

Find out more about the top 10 German beauty brands who succeeded in influencer marketing in 2021 and get insights into their collaborations.

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Audience Data is dead: Why we’re building a Content-based Influencer Discovery Engine

Audience Data is dead. Why? Because shared values, beliefs & interests are the core of a successful relationship between brand & influencer.

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5 statistics from German Beauty & Fashion Influencers you didn’t know

Storyclash is a great social media tool that helps you monitor, track, and report the…

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Avoid these 5 mistakes and monitor your social media campaign like a pro

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