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How to run a successful influencer campaign without Bibi, Team Harrison and Co.

Before we jump into this article we need to talk about what an influencer is…

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What can you take away from one of the best fashion brands on social media?

Clothing, footwear, jewelry and watches: When we talk fashion in 2020 we mean online shopping,…

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German Food Bloggers: A Social Media Analysis

Thanks to Instagram, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of food content on social…

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German Travel Influencer Report: How Instagram dominates the travel industry

Jetting off to new places, experiencing new cultures and languages, tasting local food. That’s a…

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How to keep your social media team busy this summer

It’s summertime and you know what that means: hot weather, slow news days and vacation…

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Announcing the Instagram Stories Early Adopter Program

Marketers can no longer disregard Instagram and its Stories. This is especially true for consumer…

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4 reasons to use #hashtags and keywords to boost your social media monitoring efforts

If you’ve spent some time in Storyclash, you’re probably familiar with our keyword search feature…

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For the (Social Media) Throne: a ranking of GoT character hashtags

To read this article in German, click here. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones…

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Car Blogger Analysis: who’s talking about Audi around the world

We’ve analyzed one month of #Audi hashtag and keyword data to bring you a ranking of leading automotive influencers…

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Media Influencer Analysis: who’s talking about the German automotive brand Audi

We’ve analyzed one month of #Audi hashtag and keyword data to bring you a ranking of leading…

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Car Blogger Analysis: who’s talking about Volkswagen around the world

We’ve analyzed one month of #Volkswagen / #VW hashtag and keyword data to bring you a ranking of leading…

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Award-winning Mercedes-Benz achieve #1 on Social Media Night

Every month, social media experts, thought leaders and enthusiasts gather at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in…

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Empower your research process and find the right influencers with Influencer Search

Our new tool feature is a small product update with a big impact: Influencer Search is now available…

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pilot: Optimizing social media in the German media agency market

As pilot adapts to an evolving world which gets more digitally-dependent every day, their knowledge…

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How to Create Better Pitches with Storyclash

Storyclash is the perfect tool for optimizing your pitch game. If you work at an…