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Social Media Analysis of Brands in Croatia / December 2020

Using current data-driven insights, we rank the most social media savvy brands in the world based…

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Social Media Awards 2020 – Automotive International

Happy new year 2021! As you know – if you have followed Storyclash for a…

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Social Media Awards 2020 – Media in Austria

Happy new year 2021! As you know – if you have followed Storyclash for a…

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The Complete Guide to TikTok Analytics: How to monitor influencers and brands

We proudly introduce TikTok as our newest platform in Storyclash. Make use of the world’s fastest growing…

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The Essential Influencer Marketing How-To: Pocket Guide

Whether you’re a well-seasoned marketer looking for new strategies or an up-and-coming marketing specialist putting…

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5 statistics from German Beauty & Fashion Influencers you didn’t know

Storyclash is a great social media tool that helps you monitor, track, and report the…

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Avoid these 5 mistakes and monitor your social media campaign like a pro

So you want to monitor your social media campaign, and you’ve got some ideas of…

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Social media campaigns in the Fashion Retail industry: best practice examples

Now more than ever, people engage online with every aspect of fashion culture. Social media has played…

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Staying viral during the coronavirus pandemic: Influencer Marketing best practices during the global COVID-19 crisis

An effectively proven way to reach and engage target audiences, influencer marketing can be just…

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How to create a social media campaign report without going crazy

‘What if I spend € 100.000 on a couple of sponsored posts? What if we…

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Social Media in the midst of COVID-19: 4 different ways how brands react to the coronavirus situation

Many industries, organizations, businesses and people have been highly impacted by the global Coronavirus pandemic.…

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Global Airline Analysis: how Etihad ruled the social media skies this winter

Looking at the last 3 months of social media data for the world’s globally established…

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Automotive Influencer Report: the race for platform performance

Automotive influencers and car bloggers have a lot to be excited about in recent months,…

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How to run a successful influencer campaign without Bibi, Team Harrison and Co.

Before we jump into this article we need to talk about what an influencer is…

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What can you take away from one of the best fashion brands on social media?

Clothing, footwear, jewelry and watches: When we talk fashion in 2020 we mean online shopping,…