Influencer Media Value Calculator

Measuring the success of influencer collaborations and marketing campaigns is challenging. Our free template for earned influencer media value calculation will help you gain real insights, more than just engagement rates.

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Estimated Influencer Reach

Based on the number of fans and interactions of the Instagram account, we estimate the potential reach of your influencer posts.

Influencer Media Value Calculator

With our spreadsheet, you can calculate the earned media value of each influencer collaboration based on the number of instagram posts, fans, and an estimated CPM.

Influencer Cost Calculator

Overall, you'll receive an estimated total media value for all monitored accounts you can compare to estimated earnings and spendings.

Influencer Media Value

Earned Media Value Calculator for Instagram: Measure the success of your influencer campaign

With this free calculator we help you discover the influencer media value for any collaboration or campaign.

The earned media value should help you evaluate the success of your influencer collaboration as it allows you to compare the media value to other marketing activities.

  • Receive a total earned media value
  • Compare and monitor your influencer media value with other marketing campaigns and sponsored posts
  • Use the influencer media value as an additional metric in your influencer reporting

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