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Storyclash Review: What Do Customers Say About Storyclash?

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Considering Storyclash for your influencer marketing needs? Choosing the right influencer marketing platform is crucial, and insights from real users can guide your decision. 

We're going to walk you through what sets Storyclash apart, from its smart AI-driven influencer search to its unique Instagram Stories tracking. Plus, we've got the scoop from real users, with firsthand reviews and ratings from objective, respected sources like Capterra, G2 and OMR. 

Whether you're comparing platforms or just exploring your options, keep reading to get the inside track on one of the most powerful IM tools on the market.

What is Storyclash?

Storyclash is the leading AI-powered influencer marketing platform that helps brands find better influencers, measure campaign performance, and manage their influencer data. Storyclash supports all major platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.With Storyclash, brands can scale their influencer marketing on one central platform and generate significant ROI.

Who is Storyclash for?

Storyclash caters to large established brands like Adidas, Samsung, and Mercedes, as well as upcoming DTC brands like Wild, Trendyol, Everdrop, and Bears with Benefits. Companies from all industries work with Storyclash, including beauty, skincare, fashion, automotive, food, health, and more. Agencies like GroupM also use Storyclash to find brand-fit creators for their clients. 

You can learn more about the brands using Storyclash by checking out Storyclash’s customer stories.

Storyclash features

As an all-in-one-platform, Storyclash supports every step of the creator marketing process, from discovery to campaign execution and analysis. Here are a few of the stand-out features:

  • AI-powered Influencer search based on content makes it easy to find creators that fit your brand
  • Collaboration timeline shows you which brands an influencer has worked with, and when, so you can evaluate potential partners and spy on your competitors
  • Story tracker lets you view Insta stories anytime—no more taking screenshots at the weekend!
  • Campaign reporting makes it easy to create shareable cross-platform reports in just a few clicks
  • Direct messaging enables influencer outreach directly within the Storyclash platform, no need to hunt for their email address or slide into creators’ DMs.

Storyclash pricing 

Storyclash offers three packages, starting at €799 per month, depending on business size and goals.

The light package is suitable for smaller brands getting started with influencer marketing. It includes influencer discovery on Instagram, AI-powered search, brand collaboration insights, audience demographic data reports, campaign planning, performance analysis, a CRM, email messaging, and tech support.

The professional package for fast-growing brands in need of advanced creator tools includes all of the above plus TikTok creator discovery, competitor insights, mass email outreach, industry and market benchmark reports, access for up to 10 users and a dedicated customer success manager.

The enterprise package for large businesses with custom requirements and complex tech stacks is available on request.

Visit Storyclash’s pricing page for more information. 

Storyclash ratings and experiences

Let’s take a look at how customers rate Storyclash for various relevant categories.

According to Capterra, Storyclash scores 4.8 out of 5 overall, 4.7 for ease of use, and 4.9 for customer service.

OMR users rate Storyclash 9.6 out of 10 for user-friendliness, 9.5 for meeting customer needs, 9.8 for customer service, and 9.7 for easy deployment.

Storyclash pros and cons

Capterra users mention a number of benefits, including Instagram story tracking, social media monitoring, and customer support.

Users called out a few possibilities for improvement, including the distinction between paid and organic, content ideation, and access to audience data:

Top Storyclash reviews on OMR 

Storyclash has over 181 positive reviews on OMR.

Rebecca Renken, Senior Marketing Executive at Wild Cosmetics commented, “Storyclash is exactly the tool we needed and I would give it 10/10!”

Rebecca explains in a video in German about how Storyclash helped DTC brand Wild scale their creator marketing strategy:

In another OMR review, the co-founder of a fashion brand described Storyclash as a “top tool for influencer marketing.” He praised the discovery function, saying that it makes it easy to find new, brand-fit creators which saves him time:

Melissa from Marktguru calls Storyclash a “game-changer in influencer marketing.” She called out the Instagram story tracking, which enables her to view stories after 24 hours:

Melissa from Marktguru calls Storyclash a “game-changer in influencer marketing.” She called out the Instagram story tracking, which enables her to view stories after 24 hours:

Top Storyclash reviews on Capterra 

Storyclash has over 26 positive reviews on Capterra. 

One Capterra user highlighted how Storyclash is “plug-and-play” and “makes their job easier”:

One Capterra user highlighted the Instagram story tracking and said Storyclash was “just what they needed”:

Elisa rated Storyclash 5 stars for every category, praising the tool and saying, “Easy to use, great insights, and IG Story tracking on point.” She also highlighted Storyclash’s brand collaborations feature which gives you a complete overview of all the brands a creator has worked with:

Top Storyclash reviews on G2 

One G2 user described Storyclash as an “awesome platform for sourcing creators.” They dislike “nothing” but requested in-platform messaging, which is now available. 

A G2 user shared how Storyclash’s ability to track and save Instagram stories saved their business a significant amount of time:

Marie recommends Storyclash for brands who want to grow. The only thing she dislikes is the price, but she says it’s worth it. 

Franziska highlighted how Storyclash is helpful for finding niche influencers in categories like technology and sustainability:

Storyclash alternatives and popular comparisons

There are many influencer marketing platforms on the market that offer an alternative to Storyclash. 

Grin is an influencer marketing platform serving mainly eCommerce and DTC brands. Check out our full analysis for a comparison of Grin vs. Storyclash.

Kolsquare is a France-based influencer marketing platform that offers influencer discovery and many other key functions. You can find a breakdown of Kolsquare vs. Storyclash on the comparison page.

Lefty is a tool that enables marketers to find influencers, track campaigns, and analyze the results. Storyclash stands out in several key ways, including more advanced influencer discovery. Learn more about how Storyclash compares to Lefty.

Overall, Storyclash is the clear choice for brands serious about finding the right influencers to drive growth.

See what Storyclash can do for your brand

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