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Guide to TikTok analytics: How to track influencers

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TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, becoming the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. With over one billion users globally, TikTok enables brands to tap into a vast audience and engage with them in new and exciting ways. As the platform continues to explode in popularity, more and more brands are posting TikToks and collaborating with TikTok creators. This leaves brands wondering how best to track and analyze the results. If this sounds like you - keep reading!

TikTok Tools & Metrics

There are numerous metrics available to measure your TikTok campaigns, including engagement rate, follower growth, and video views. These metrics can help you better understand your brand’s audience, refine your content, and improve your overall performance on the platform.

If you have a business account on TikTok, you can access TikTok Analytics to track your performance data. This tool provides insights into your account's engagement, audience demographics, and video performance. You can use this information to optimize your content strategy and increase your reach.

However, if you're looking for more specific influencer data, an influencer marketing platform can give you even more insight. These specialized platforms, like Storyclash, can help you identify top-performing influencers on TikTok, track their engagement rates, and analyze their audience demographics. 

With Storyclash, you can explore content and see important metrics for any creator or brand on TikTok, whether you are already working with them or not. as well as your own account.

How does TikTok work?

The social media platform TikTok (formerly allows only videos to be uploaded to one’s profile which makes it unique as other social networks accept different types of content formats.

TikTok has an algorithm-based feed that determines which content is shown, based on factors like your current location, watch time, repeat watching, commenting, liking, and sharing. Through Machine Learning Technology, TikTok can provide their users personalized video recommendations which makes it both very unique and addicting.

Comparison TikTok vs. Instagram vs. Facebook

Here is an overview of how TikTok compares to Instagram and Facebook in terms of users and content.

Users worldwide1.05 Bn.2 Bn.2,95 Bn.
User demographic41 % of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years oldMore than 50 % of Instagram users are 34 years or youngerMost users are between 25 and 34 years old
content types
videos, life-videospictures, videos, live-videos, reels, IG-TV, storiespictures, videos, live-videos, stories, links, status updates
Display of contentpersonalized video recommendationsnews feed of content of your liked accountsnews feed of content of your friends or liked sites
Focusvideo sharingphoto sharinginformation sharing


How to use TikTok Analytics

If you have a TikTok business account, you can check some basic metrics for free with TikTok analytics.

On mobile:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on Settings then open the privacy tab in the top right-hand corner.
  • Under Account, open the Creator Tools tab.
  • From there, click on Analytics.

On desktop:

  • Log in to TikTok.
  • Hover over your profile photo in the top right.
  • Click on View Analytics.

If you need to download your analytics data, you will need to use the desktop dashboard.

Tiktok offers four categories of analytics: Overview, Content, Followers and LIVE. 

In the Overview tab, you can see data from the last week, month, or two months, or, you can select a custom date range. The content tab provides views, likes, comments and shares, which you can use to see which of your videos have been the most popular. The Follower tab gives you data about your followers, including location and gender. 

However, this won’t allow you to see more in-depth metrics like estimated media value. And if you want to track TikTok accounts other than your own, such as competitor brands or creators you would like to work with, you will need a more comprehensive solution.

How to track brands on TikTok

With Storyclash, you can get insight into the TikTok strategy of any brand. You can easily check how many creators they work with, how often creators post about them, and how good the engagement is. Drill-down into the performance of every video, both from the brand and from the influencers they work with.

Take L'oreal, for example. Here, we can see that the brand worked with 615 TikTok creators in the past 12 months, resulting in 1.3k postings and 832k views on average per video.

lting in 1.3k postings and 832k views on average per video.

If you click on “Statistics”, you can find even more KPIs that speak to the brand’s performance and influencer strategy on TikTok.

In the “Associated Creators” tab, you can see which creators a brand is working with and analyze the KPIs of their collaboration:

Looking for detailed analytics of a TikTok video? Get detailed KPIs for the influencer post of any brand:

How to track influencers on TikTok

With Storyclash, you can track the deep-dive into the content performance of any influencer. 

Let’s take a look at Pamela Reif. At a glance, you can see that she has 917k followers on TikTok, and can therefore be considered a macro influencer. The estimated average reach is 103k, and the engagement rate is 3.4%.

You can also check out the audience demographics of any influencer to see if their audience is aligned with your target customers. Just click on the “Audience” tab to which countries the followers are from, which languages they speak, how old they are, and whether the follower base skews male or female. For instance Pamela Reif’s audience is mostly based in Germany, speaking German, and is 74% female. 

You can drill down into the reach, engagement and estimated media value of every video on TikTok. This branded TikTok video of Pamela Reif for Motel a Mio generated 385k views, 17.4k likes, an estimated reach of 76.1k, and an estimated media value of $1.1k.

Want to learn more about TikTok Analytics?

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