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How TALA's influencer marketing know-how shaped their meteoreic rise in the sustainable activewear industry

Sustainable production of all kinds of products has become a very important if not the primary decision for many of the younger generations, primarily Gen-Z and Millennials, but many of these products are unfortunately unaffordable for most consumers.

TALA appears to be perfectly filling that void with regards to the activewear sector, and has taken the industry by storm.

In this episode of Influencer Marketing De-constructed, we will be analysing TALA, the fast growing, all inclusive activewear brand. We will be de-constructing their influencer marketing strategy that put them on the map and was the catalyst for their meteoric expansion in such a short timespan.

What to expect in our free webinar

What is the influencer strategy of TALA?
IG vs. TikTok - how is each platform performing?
What formats are driving their increase in popularity?
What lessons can we learn from TALA's success?

Your host and moderator:

Chris Sain

Chris Sain

Demand Generation Specialist

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