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How Gymshark became a billion dollar fitness company in a decade through influencer marketing

In this episode of Influencer Marketing De-constructed we will be taking a deeper look into Gymshark!

Although they are only eleven years old to date, Gymshark has sharply risen to becoming a billion dollar company. They are now a household name when it comes to fitness gear, and have made their name through emphasis on content creation and community building.

What to expect in our free webinar

What is the content creation strategy of Gymshark?
Multi-platform deep dive
What formats they using to reach their
target demographic and community?
What lessons can we learn
from Gymshark?

Your host and moderator:

Chris Sain

Chris Sain

Demand Generation Specialist

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In this blog article we will dive into a brand that almost everybody knows, even if you are not someone who is really into fitness and activewear brands.

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