Storyclash Deep Dive:
Introducing the Future of Influencer Discovery

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Introducing the Future of Influencer Discovery Storyclash Deep Dive: How we're using Open AI to find brand-fit creators

AI in Influencer Marketing is a truly groundbreaking experience. But most marketers wont be able to use its full potential anytime soon. Finding the perfect influencer is still one of the biggest challenges in the entire industry.

With Storyclash and our recently added AI capabilities, our users have the chance to experience the power of AI in their influencer discovery process.

In this webinar, we're going to show you a selection of incredible ways to find Influencers for any campaign, any brand, any niche. Leverage cutting-edge technology within our Influencer Marketing Platform to efficiently find creators on IG and TT.

What to expect in our free webinar

Learn how our AI-powered influencer discovery tool can save you time and effort in finding the perfect influencer for your brand's campaign.

Understand how our technology can help you to identify influencers who are a good fit for your brand, regardless of the number of followers they have, increasing your chances of success.

Discover how our tool allows for easy tracking of influencer performance, helping you measure the ROI of your influencer campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Learn how our approach to influencer discovery can help streamline your influencer marketing processes and make them more effective for your brand.

Your host and moderator:

Eugen Knippel

Eugen Knippel

VP of Marketing

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