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How the sustainable deodorant pioneer automated their discovery and creator verification to further fuel their rapid expansion

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About Wild Cosmetics Ltd.

WILD Refill was started in April 2020 in London, UK and has now rapidly expanded throughout Europe and has become one of the fastest up-and-coming brands when it comes to personal care and deodorant products. Through their use of refillable deodorant cases and an incredible variety of fragrances to choose from, they’ve created a brand that can fit any preference, while also reducing tonnes of unnecessary waste that bathroom products produce year upon year.

The brand WILD Refill is known for its eco-friendly and sustainable products in the personal care sector. Its aim is to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and make a positive impact on the environment.

What sets WILD Refill apart is their innovative refill concept. Instead of buying a new deodorant every time, they have created a reusable deodorant applicator made from aluminum that will last you a lifetime. Forget waste, as you can refill your case again and again with their bamboo pulp deodorant refills which Wild delivers straight to your door. Wild is a plastic-free natural deodorant that’s kind to your skin and the environment. No nasty aluminum, parabens and sulfates.

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The Vision

WILD Refill envisions rapid expansion into EU, US and AUS markets in the coming months and years. With a high volume of monthly creator outreach, Wild's strategy has proven to be highly successful.

Story Screen

Challenge #1:
Finding Brand-fit Creators

WILD Refill was facing a significant challenge in their influencer marketing efforts: the time-consuming and inefficient process of finding brand-fit creators. They had a specific requirement of identifying hundreds of creators from different countries on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, their current approach of manually searching for influencers proved to be both costly and inefficient.

To address this issue, WILD Refill recognized the need to automate the influencer discovery process. They sought a solution that could streamline the search for brand-fit creators and eliminate the manual effort involved. By automating this process, they aimed to save valuable time and resources while efficiently expanding their network of influencers.

Challenge #2:
Aligning efforts with their Influencer Marketing Team

Additionally, WILD Refill wanted a platform that could effectively align the efforts of their influencer marketing team. As they were expanding their influencer marketing initiatives, it became crucial to have a centralized platform that would facilitate creator discovery among team members, which would ensure a seamless workflow, and enhanced productivity.

Babor KPIS

The solution with Storyclash

By implementing an automated influencer discovery platform, Wild has been able to leverage advanced search algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning capabilities to identify relevant creators from various countries. The platform would offer powerful filters and criteria to narrow down the search based on demographics, target audience, engagement metrics, and content alignment.

With the automation of the influencer discovery process, Wild has not only saved valuable time but also reduced costs associated with manual search efforts. The platform would provide a streamlined and efficient workflow, allowing the influencer marketing team to focus on more strategic tasks rather than spending hours on manual searches.

Furthermore, the centralized platform would foster collaboration among team members, enabling them to seamlessly communicate, share insights, and manage influencer campaigns. The platform would provide a centralized hub for tracking influencer performance, monitoring campaign progress, and measuring the effectiveness of each collaboration.

Wild Storyclash

The Result

Using the Storyclash platform, Wild has been able to fully automate their discovery of influencers for campaigns, while also using audience insights and the brand collaboration timeline in order to fully verify that these creators are a brand-fit for them before reaching out. Moreover, this automation has resulted in an increase of collaborations by 500% since using Storyclash. All of these things together have also led to a 66% reduction in the time needed to find new creators.

Fiona Macpherson
Wild Cosmetics

Fiona Macpherson
Influencer Marketing Lead

Storyclash has revolutionized the way we discover creators - and it's not just about the quantity, the quality of our collaborations has significantly improved as well.

Would you like to learn more about influencer marketing and how Storyclash can help you to measure the success of your influencer marketing? Feel free to write us at marketing@storyclash.com or click on 'Request a demo' and fill out the form.

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