Influencer Media Value Calculator

Measuring the success of influencer collaborations and campaigns is challenging. Our free template for influencer media calculation will help you gain real insights.

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Estimated reach

Based on the number of fans and interactions, we estimate the potential reach of your influencer posts.

Media value per influencer

With our spreadsheet, you can calculate the media value of each influencer collaboration based on the number of posts, fans and an estimated CPM.

Estimated total media value

Overall, you'll receive an estimated total media value for all monitored accounts.

Calculate the media value
of your influencers

With this free media value calculator we help you discover the influencer media value for any collaboration or campaign, tweet or Instagram Story, Facebook Post or YouTube Video.

The estimated media value should help you evaluate the success of your influencer collaboration as it allows you to compare the media value to other marketing activities.

  • Receive a total estimated media value
  • Compare and monitor your influencer media value with other social media and marketing campaigns
  • Use the influencer media value as an additional metric in your social media reporting

Get your own copy
of the Influencer Media Value Template

Get the Google Spreadsheet template for calculating the influencer media value and, therefore, the success of your influencer collaborations here.

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