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relationship experience

From campaign planning to creator management, Storyclash allows you to tidy up your team workflows: email communication, process automations and data collection in one place.

Campaign planning

Find amazing influencers and manage your campaigns

Storyclash streamlines every step of your influencer collaborations, from the first contact to creating content together.

Smart AI recommendations match you with creators who resonate with your audience, while the planning dashboard helps you keep track of your campaign from start to finish.

  • AI-powered influencer suggestions
  • Easy-to-use planning board
  • Share creators for approval
  • Content tracking
  • Budgeting & ROAS Tracking

Email & time-saving automation

Streamline your influencer communications

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick way to reach out to influencers—without hunting for email addresses or sliding into people’s DMs?

Storyclash makes it easy to reach out to creators directly. You can even shortlist your favorites and contact them all at once. And to save time without losing the personal touch, take advantage of our automation features or save and re-use your favorite email templates.

  • Mass email outreach with in-built personalization
  • Save your templates and signatures for next time
  • Integrations with Gmail, Microsoft 365, and more

Relationship management

Build and manage your influencer network

Keeping track of your influencer relationships is key to running successful campaigns. That’s why Storyclash comes with an in-built CRM, offering you a place to keep track of the details of every influencer you work with.

  • Track creator content and campaigns
  • Store and access creator info
  • Upload contracts and briefings

Proven Impact

Why brands love Storyclash

We help brands get noticeably better results with creator marketing


top brands

Trailblazers across all industries rely on Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


more collaborations

Deodorant pioneer Wild achieved 500% more collaborations and 66% higher efficiency by using Storyclash.


more revenue

Bears with Benefits saw 60% more reach, 100% more engagement, and 20% more revenue per creator (YoY) with Storyclash.

Over 200 leading brands trust Storyclash

Brands around the world use Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


Any questions left?

How do you send a message to an influencer?

Sending a message to an influencer is easy. Just open their profile in Storyclash and click the message icon. You can type a message or use a template. If you want to, you can add several influencers to a list and then contact them simultaneously.

How can I keep track of an outreach campaign?

If you’re contacting several influencers, it’s important to keep track of the status. With Storyclash’s campaign planning dashboard, you can see at a glance who has been contacted, who has replied, and what you need to do next.

How can you find an influencer’s email address?

No need to hunt for email addresses— Storyclash enables you to email influencers directly. Just click on the message icon of their profile within Storyclash. Instead of hunting around for contact information, you can focus on crafting messages that resonate.

Is it better to send a direct message or email?

It’s up to you. Popular creators receive a lot of DMs, so your message may get overlooked. Often, it’s more effective to send them (or their agency) an email. With Storyclash, you can contact influencers via email using Storyclash’s messaging function.

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With the most powerful influencer search technology on the market, Storyclash makes it simple to find new and authentic creators who truly share your brand’s values.

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Measure and analyze your ROI, all your campaigns, any creator and their content. Storyclash helps you make better decisions with actionable insights into every campaign.

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