Measure revenue & report
on campaign performance

Track influencer content across all platforms and prove the effectiveness of your creator programs with 30+ performance metrics.

ROAS tracking

Measure and maximize your campaign revenue

How much are your influencer collabs worth? Which creators drive the most conversions? Storyclash makes it easy to find out. Storyclash integrates directly with Shopify, so you can connect the dots between influencer campaigns and sales results.

  • Conversion tracking via promo codes
  • Link tracking
  • Shopify integration

Campaign performance

Analyze campaigns and content across all platforms

With Storyclash, you gain full visibility into how your brand and creator content perform across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Missed an Instagram story? Don’t worry—with Storyclash, you can watch any story you want up to a year later. It’s never been easier to track every single brand mention and see which creators and content types are driving results for your brand.

  • Cross-platform content analytics
  • Brand mentions
  • Shareable, white-label campaign reports for agencies

Powerful influencer analytics

Drill down into creator performance

With Storyclash, you can analyze any influencer and their content—whether you’re already working with them or not. Dive into key performance metrics like media value, engagement rate, and reach to identify top performing creators and run even better campaigns going forward.

  • Content & KPI analytics
  • Collaboration history
  • Storyclash API for deeper insights

Proven Impact

Why brands love Storyclash

We help brands get noticeably better results with creator marketing


top brands

Trailblazers across all industries rely on Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


more collaborations

Deodorant pioneer Wild achieved 500% more collaborations and 66% higher efficiency by using Storyclash.


more revenue

Bears with Benefits saw 60% more reach, 100% more engagement, and 20% more revenue per creator (YoY) with Storyclash.

Over 200 leading brands trust Storyclash

Brands around the world use Storyclash to power their influencer marketing.


Any questions left?

Can I track the performance of influencer campaigns across different social media platforms?

Yes, with Storyclash you can track your influencer campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

How does Storyclash help identify the right influencers for my brand?

With Storyclash, you gain a full picture of an influencer’s content, collabs, and the results. You can deep dive into all their posts and stories (even after 24 hours!) to be sure the influencer shares your values.

What kind of ROI metrics can Storyclash provide for eCommerce brands?

Storyclash connects with Shopify to offer link tracking and conversion tracking for online stores. You can measure the number of clicks, conversions (sales), revenue, and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

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With the most powerful influencer search technology on the market, Storyclash makes it simple to find new and authentic creators who truly share your brand’s values.

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Wondering who your competitors work with? Explore the social media and creator strategy of any brand and steal their best creators.



One place to organize your campaigns, workflows, and creator data. With Storyclash, you can launch impactful campaigns in record time.

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