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About comdirect

comdirect was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of Commerzbank and has continued as a brand of Commerzbank AG since the merge with the parent company in November 2020. comdirect offers its customers innovative and intelligent products and services that enable them to carry out their banking transactions easily and conveniently from anywhere and at any time: comdirect is the bank on a smartphone.

Comdirect About

Social media benchmarking and trend discovery at comdirect

The social media comparison with the competition - whether in terms of the industry or from a thematic perspective - is an important part of managing the marketing activities of comdirect.

The goal is to make a lasting impression on users with relevant and valuable content. One challenge is the abundance of content in social media. It is important to find out which content should be posted. The success of this content strategy is assessed and confirmed by ongoing monitoring and reporting:

Since last year, comdirect has been consistently among the top 3 of german banks.

Initial situation and problem definition

Comdirect used various social media monitoring tools, Excel spreadsheets and manually generated reports. However, these did not include the possibility of comparing the results with those of the competition. Due to its manual nature, the process was prone to errors and lacked real insights. Storyclash offers comdirect the opportunity to monitor the in-house channels in real time in comparison with the competition. Thanks to the reporting feature, the data collected could finally be reported to management quickly and without further processing.

Feature Trend

Problem #1:
Real-time overview of network trends & competitor performance

Storyclash gives comdirect a real-time overview of trends on social media with just a few clicks: Which influencer profiles are currently attracting attention, which topics are provoking the most reactions from users. These are all insights that serve as creative springboards for content creation and bring new ideas. In addition, comdirect quickly has an overview of where they stand in comparison with the competition.

Problem #2:
Expensive and time-consuming reporting to the management

With the help of the Storyclash team, several report templates were pre-set, saving comdirect an enormous amount of time in its everyday work.

Due to their simplicity and strong informative value, the Storyclash reports are directly used for management reporting. This saves resources, as the reports no longer need to be edited.

The implementation with Storyclash

With the 'trending posts' function, comdirect can easily keep an eye on current content trends. The overview delivers the best performing posts in the German banking industry in real time.

Comdirect TP

(Screenshot Storyclash: trending posts in real-time)

A ranking of competitors according to social media interaction (likes, comments, shares) helps in benchmarking. In this way, the comdirect team can see at a glance how well they are performing compared to the competition and can react accordingly.

The aim of comdirect is to remain among the top three German banks. To achieve this, the company uses the insights gained from Storyclash to adapt the content strategy and to optimize or create content formats.

Comdirect Top Sites

(Screenshot Storyclash: top sites)

Thanks to the hashtag and keyword search, posts containing words with the keyword 'bank*' can be filtered out and a good insight into the content strategy of the competition can be gained. Comdirect also sees which topics are not yet occupied and can use them to set itself apart from the competition.

Comdirect Content Trends

(Screenshot Storyclash: content trends for the keyword 'bank*')


Frederike Böhm
Social Media Marketing Lead at comdirect

Storyclash is the best solution currently available to not only feel like the best in comparison to the competition but also to be able to measure this data-driven. The simplicity and speed of the tool is convincing all along the line.


Real-time optimization by monitoring the industry

Comdirect uses Storyclash to identify current trends in the industry and incorporate them into its own content planning. Individually adapted reports enable comdirect to send meaningful reports to the management without much effort.

In addition, Storyclash is used for benchmarking in the banking sector.
Used Storyclash functions & use cases:

  • Trend discovery
  • Campaign reporting
  • Benchmarking & competitor analysis

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