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Introducing the Future of Influencer Discovery: How Storyclash is using OpenAI to find brand-fit creators

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Influencer marketing is constantly evolving, and brands are always looking for new ways to find the perfect influencers for their campaigns. In a world with 300 million creators worldwide,  finding authentic, brand-fit creators from this vast pool is a real challenge.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary capability that makes it easier than ever before for brands to find influencers on Instagram and TikTok using the power of AI. Read on to find out how it works, or try it out now for free.

Storyclash’s approach to Influencer Discovery has always been focused on qualitative content-based research, paired with data-driven analysis.  With the addition of cutting-edge AI capabilities, we’re enabling our clients to go one step further: identifying brand-fit creators based on the aesthetics and style of their content.

How do Storyclash’s AI capabilities work?

A Machine Learning Model developed by OpenAI enables us to analyze, index, and search through billions of images from our database. 

Utilizing this Machine Learning model on our own hardware and product application, we are able to translate natural language search queries by our users into visual search results.

With this approach, it’s possible for the first time ever to use Instagram as an image similarity search engine and get mind-blowing results.

Our own technology allowed us to go beyond the initial training of this model. Next to text-to-image search, we also added image-to-image search capabilities, basically an AI-powered lookalike image finder without any additional keyword or hashtag. This allows our users to find Instagram content that is similar to any reference image.

Use cases for marketing teams

With our Influencer Marketing Platform, Storyclash users already have various capabilities for finding influencers for their campaigns. Watch this video to see the AI capabilities live in action:


By adding unique AI capabilities, Marketers can now do more than ever before, including:

  • Use natural language as search terms
    “Show me a woman in a blue dress in front of the Eiffel tower”, for example, enables brands to find creators who have already published content that is a good fit for an upcoming product launch.
  • Use any reference image to generate a selection of similar Instagram posts
    The reference image could be from a top-performing campaign so marketers can  replicate the success of the first creative
  • Use multiple reference images to find creators who share similar content
    This way marketers can be sure to work with Instagram Influencers who already produce content in line with the intended look and feel. 
  • Use a reference image and add more details to it
    For example: use *this* image of a blonde Fashion Influencer and show me similar posts but with black-haired Influencers.
  • Combine various search capabilities to maximize search results
    This makes it easy to use best-performing content from one country and find creators from other countries who produce similar content.

The future of Influencer Marketing is here - try it for yourself

With our groundbreaking technology, brands no longer have to rely on manually searching through thousands of Instagram and TikTok profiles to find the right influencer. Our AI-powered tool does all the hard work for marketers, saving time and effort while also increasing the chances of finding the perfect match for your brand, based on data and visual data points.

To celebrate the launch of this new capability, we have launched, a public-facing representation of the functionalities in our core product. With this tech demo, you are able to use natural language to describe the content you’d like to see and search through millions of Instagram posts to surface the perfect result. 

The benefits of AI for Influencer Discovery are endless

  • Ensure authenticity and drive better business results
    The best influencers for your brand are those who already create engaging, relevant content. These influencers have established themselves as an authority and built an engaged audience.

    They know how to create content that resonates with their followers and aligns with your brand's message because they’re already doing it. This makes them the perfect fit to promote your brand in an authentic way.
  • Turn your mood-board vision into real life
    Find influencers who meet specific creative requirements in terms of aesthetics and style. Other influencer discovery tools work with wide categories - like luxury, beauty, or pets. Our tool uses advanced AI algorithms to help you find on-brand influencers and create the perfect visual representation for your brand or product.
  • Save time and effort
    Say goodbye to manually sifting through countless Instagram profiles. Our AI tool does the work for you, making the influencer discovery process quick and easy.

Try AI-powered Visual Influencer Discovery now for free

Don't miss out on the future of influencer marketing. Try our AI-powered Visual Influencer Discovery tool now and find the perfect influencers for your next campaign. 

For existing Storyclash customers , you can access the new AI search capabilities in the “Discover Creators” tab under “AI search”.You will find this is the ideal addition to Storyclash’s industry-leading influencer discovery technology, which gives marketers unique insight into influencers’ performance and previous collabs.

Keen to learn even more about AI in influencer marketing? Join the webinar on February 2, where we will showcase the new capabilities in action. Registration here.