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The Top 10 Brands in Germany in Influencer Marketing

1 minute read

What a year it has been for brands on social media already!

Seeing their huge success and being in awe of their skills, we made it our mission to honor the best in the game.

We have analyzed the top 10 brands mentioned by influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in Germany. 

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Now continue to find out which brands are on the pedestal of the BRAND CHARTS GERMANY of Q1 of 2024!

  • Time period: 1.1.-31.3.2024
  • Country: Germany
  • Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Congratulations to the top performer:

#1: Trendyol🏆

The online retailer & market place with over 30 million customers is one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses worldwide.

Check out the full list of the Brand Charts Germany here:

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