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Fitness Influencers X Brands: The Best Collaborations

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In the fitness industry, influencer marketing has been one of the most popular trends in recent years. Working with fitness influencers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok enables brands to reach a highly engaged audience of health-conscious consumers and promote their products in an authentic and relatable way.

According to a recent study (read more here), most young users base their purchasing decision on Instagram Stories.

Social Media Fact

Whether you’re a fitness brand or in a different niche, there's so much to learn from the best brands in the game.

At Storyclash, we have had our experts take a deeper dive into the best performing influencer & brand collaborations of the German fitness industry. Our data is from 2021, but still gives a good overview of the best influencers in the fitness industry.

Our data shows one clear winner: the industry is dominated by one specific creator. Unsurprisingly, it's Pamela Reif – pictured in the top right corner down below – with by far the most interactions.

In the graphic below, we decided to include Pamela only once with her best performing post to also give other creators room to shine ☀️. If this graphic would be 100% true to data, the top 10 posts in 2021 would be ONLY from Pamela Reif - she’s clearly a superstar.

Best Influencer x Brand Collaborations

This blog post is filled with data and interesting learnings. Read more to find out 

  • Which collabs received the most interactions
  • Which influencer posts received the highest interaction rate
  • Which influencer is taking the fitness industry by storm

and much more.

Best Influencer x Brand Collaborations 

Blow you can see the branded posts (= paid collabs) with the most interactions from fitness influencers.

We have determined the performance of the posts based on their interaction rate. To highlight the best posts of influencers we have used a traffic light system to showcase engagement:

🟢 = over 25% engagement

🟡 = 5 - 25% engagement

🔴 = under 5% engagement

Please note that an engagement rate of > 6% is considered good. You will see that almost all top posts are outstanding performance-wise!

BrandFans of InfluencerInteractions of PostInteraction Rate %Perfor-mance
Pamela ReifSante Naturkosmetik7.9m628k7.9%🟡
shredlifestyleBank of Hair - Dein Moment!755k119k15.76%🟡
niklas.haugerHoodie Collab254k114k44.9%🟢
Mady MorrisonWomen's Health Deutschland659k76k11.5%🟡
Kim LamarinBo+Tee488k64k13.1%🟡
Lisa Del PieroGymondo DACH854k60k7%🟡
michelle_czajaKinga Store Ltd.225k57k25.3%🟢

Key Takeaways for your Influencer Marketing Strategy

In conclusion, a lot of brands saw the benefits of high engagement and decided to work with smaller influencers. A high interaction rate is a clear sign that the brand-influencer-fit was really strong and that the audience loved the collaboration.

Discovering smaller content creators plays out well. It is important to not only focus on the big interaction numbers but more so on the engagement of the users with the content. 

There are only a few mega-influencers like Pamela Reif but it looks like many brands had successful campaigns with smaller content creators nonetheless. In the end it all depends on your budget and goals – but if you want to take away one thing it's that you should really consider finding the best-fitting influencers, no matter how big their numbers are.

Continue reading if you are curious about more influencer insights and brand deals of the fitness influencer queen Pamela Reif.

Content Check: Brand Collaborations of Pamela Reif

The main face of fitness is definitely 25 year old Pamela Reif.

We have gathered all the paid content collaborations* of the German influencer to show you an exclusive insight into her work with brands:

Pamela Reif Social Media Fans

Pamela Reif collaborated with 

  • 33 brands on Instagram in the last 12 months and achieved a
  • gross reach over 2b users with
  • 10 posts and 720 stories with
  • an average engagement of 3.9%
  • resulting in an estimated media value of € 50,8m

*Disclaimer: We indicate branded content by the Influencer tagging the brand via @username in posts or stories.

Check out some of her most successful brand collaborations of the last months down below:

Pamela Reif Top Posts

Her posts always receive lots of interaction from her fans. But being a mega-influencer, the engagement rate of her posts tends to be lower than the one of smaller creators. For example her collaborations with GHD UK and Calzedonia had an engagement rate of "just" 4.2%

Engage-mentEst. Media ValueEst. ReachBranded PostsBranded Stories
GHD UK4.2%€ 11.42 m456.8m4 Posts160 Stories
Calze-donia4.2%€ 1.88 m75.2m3 Posts24 Stories

An interesting insight is the overview of Pamela Reif’s collabs over the past months. She has multiple brand deals per week.

Is your competitor already working with an influencer? Make sure to check and discuss with your team if a collaboration would benefit from the brand ambassador working with competitors or if it would hurt the authenticity of the deal.

Timeline Pamela Reif Brand Collaborations
(Timeline of some of Pamela Reif’s Brand Collaborations of the first half of 2021. Source: Storyclash)
Pamela Reif Brand Collaborations
(Pamela Reif’s Brand Collaborations sorted by latest brand mentions. Source: Storyclash)

The engagement rate of branded posts is higher (4.7%) than the overall one (4.4%). The branded posts also get more comments, which could be because Pamela Reif is doing lots of giveaways where the contestant has to post a comment on the picture.

All PostsBranded Posts
Engagement Rate4.4%4.7%
Avg. Likes369k349,8k
Avg. Comments2,4k24k

Are you interested in seeing the details of Pamela Reif’s brand collaborations? Or do you want to start discovering influencers fitted for your industry right away? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to talk to you!