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5 statistics from German Beauty & Fashion Influencers you didn’t know

Storyclash is a great social media tool that helps you monitor, track, and report the…

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Social media campaigns in Fashion – best practice examples

We have collected some amazing best practice examples from the best global social media campaigns in the Fashion Retail industry. Check them out here:

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Staying viral during the coronavirus pandemic: Influencer Marketing best practices during the global COVID-19 crisis

An effectively proven way to reach and engage target audiences, influencer marketing can be just…

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How to create a social media campaign report without going crazy

‘What if I spend € 100.000 on a couple of sponsored posts? What if we…

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Social Media in the midst of COVID-19: 4 different ways how brands react to the coronavirus situation

Many industries, organizations, businesses and people have been highly impacted by the global Coronavirus pandemic.…

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Global Airline Analysis: how Etihad ruled the social skies

Etihad Airways is a leader based on several social media KPIs: Let’s dive into the numbers and determine what made Etihad the top international airline.

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Automotive Influencer Report: the race for platform performance

Automotive influencers and car bloggers have a lot to be excited about in recent months,…

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How to run a successful influencer campaign without Bibi, Team Harrison and Co.

Before we jump into this article we need to talk about what an influencer is…

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What can you take away from one of the best fashion brands on social media?

Clothing, footwear, jewelry and watches: When we talk fashion in 2020 we mean online shopping,…

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German Food Bloggers: A Social Media Analysis

Thanks to Instagram, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of food content on social…

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German Travel Influencer Report: How Instagram dominates the travel industry

Jetting off to new places, experiencing new cultures and languages, tasting local food. That’s a…

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How automotive brands use social media in 2019

In our new series called “Industry Insights” we give you an overview of different industries and how they use social media for their needs.