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Using current data-driven insights, we rank 2019's most social media savvy brands throughout various industries based on their online content with the most platform interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Interactions are summarized from all likes, shares, comments and reactions obtained from trending posts. Below is an overview of top brands according to social media performance, organized by industry.

Cat Brands

Brands in Germany

These are the past year’s top-performing brands in Germany on social media.

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Cat Fashion

Fashion Brands & Retailer

See the top social media content from fashion brands and retailers in 2019 for Germany.

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Cat Retailer

Grocery Stores

Which grocery store brands and top posts led the way in Germany during the past year?

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Beauty & Personal Care

There’s no shortage of content in beauty & personal care. See who won in 2019!

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Cat Automotive

Automotive International

Ever wonder which car brands ruled the social media world in 2019? Look no further.

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Cat Startup

Startups in Germany

We’ve analyzed the social media totals of German startups over the past year. Have a look!

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