Influencer Campaign Examples

Nike Air Force Campaign 👟

This example contains a summary of social media mentions on the Nike Air Force.

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Aldi Nord Box Campaign 📦

This influencer campaign report shows top Posts & Stories for the campaign #aldinordbox.

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Mazda Campaign #fragmazda 🚙

This example shows the top social media Posts & Stories for the hashtag #fragmazda.

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Monitor influencers and stay ahead.

We help brands to measure, optimize and communicate the value of influencer marketing by providing fast, data-driven reports. Never miss out on Story mentions of your brand. We save them for you. Do your influencers work with your competitors? You will get to the bottom of that as well.

On top of that, you can evaluate the success through our automatically generated media value and other KPIs like reach and social interactions.

Analyze influencer campaigns and their media value.

Influencer collaborations are expensive, but worth the money spent.
Or are they? Get in-depth insights on the generated media value of the influencer's content and improve your ROI. Get the most out of your collaborations, we provide the data.

Fast and easy reporting.

Create simple but dynamic reports within seconds and communicate the media value of your influencer campaigns to your stakeholders. Include influencer Stories your brand was mentioned in and evaluate their content. Get answers instantly with historical & real-time data.

We support the following platforms
facebook monitoring
instagram monitoring
twitter monitoring
youtube monitoring
rss monitoring
tiktok monitoring
"With Storyclash I can easily analyze how successful my influencer campaigns were. I like how easy it is to create a report and get a quick overview of the campaigns."
- Jacklyn Odenbreit, Junior Social Media Manager at Babor

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