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Katerina when I met her in in 2019. She was 85. She lived by herself, her children and grandchildren barely ever came to visit. With around 60€ pension she could hardly survive. She’s been widowed for over 40 years and said: “I can have bread, potato, sometimes tomatoes - that’s all I need. Back when I was young we didn’t have anything, especially after the wars. I remember eating only what we found on trees: bark and leaves.” Katerina’s place was freezing, I sat there with my winter jacket on and was still freezing. I don’t know how Katerina is holding up today, if she is alive and healthy. But I know how horrible and unjust it is that a woman like her has to go through war after war - being exposed to meaningless power struggles initiated by people who will never have to suffer like she does. The situation in Ukraine is terrible and I kindly ask you to support @caritaswirhelfen or any other serious organization helping in the ground. #ukraine
After months of work #casamalamarianne finally came together so beautifully. And despite all the struggle I am still having with the building company / seller I’m so happy and feel incredibly privileged to call this place my home. Head over to @designbestseller to read the full home story 🏡💕 Disclaimer: not a paid post, some of the tagged items were gifted but tags are mainly to avoid a thousand questions 😜❤️
Calming kitchen vibes ☁️ #casamalamarianne Anzeige / Verlinkung