Effortless event monitoring.
With Storyclash.

Measure and understand the ROI of your events on social media.

The challenges of event monitoring

Event reporting is time-consuming

Event reporting is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Join us on the other side. Make reporting easy again.

80% of activities happen on Stories

Most social activities from events happen on Story formats nowadays. Missing out on those mentions can harm your brand. Make the invisible visible.

Monitor the ROI of your events

How is your brand impact? What's the return of your event investments? Which channels are delivering which results? Start monitoring now.

Monitor your events.
Understand the ROI.

Monitor your events on social media, identify the ROI and make better event marketing decisions.

With more than 100 available KPIs, our monitoring solution helps you understand what’s working and what’s not among your event audience.

  • More than 100 social KPIs help you understand social performance.
  • View your event performance on a global view. Or zoom in on particular accounts or audiences.
  • Storyclash supports any sort of public event (think of PR-, influencer-, marketing events)

Report events faster.
And smarter.

Easily create and share reports with your team, your shareholders or customers.

Instead of manual reporting, share live reports with all the information your team needs.

  • Automated, ad-hoc reports with real-time & historical data
  • Easily create & share social reports for different teams and stakeholders.
  • Export social media data (as CSV, XLS, PDF)

Supporting relevant platforms,
formats and sources

Storyclash supports all relevant social media platforms, formats and sources, including Stories.

With our fast sourcing technology, you get all relevant accounts and sources, personalized for your monitoring needs

  • Supporting Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, RSS - Get engagement statistics across all platforms
  • Fast sourcing of influencer accounts, personalized for your needs
  • AI-powered source algorithm for improved source coverage
We support the following platforms
facebook monitoring
instagram monitoring
twitter monitoring
youtube monitoring
rss monitoring
tiktok monitoring

Event monitoring features for you

Fast & easy
event reports

100 Social KPIs such as
media value and social interactions

Intelligent alerts

Supporting all relevant
social media platforms

Brand detection
in pictures & videos

Sharable social media reports
with real-time data

Just a few of our customers
Nothing shows off the value of Storyclash better than a happy customer.

Join thousands of social media experts

Request a demo, try Storyclash and measure the return of your social media campaigns.
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