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“Wisst-ihr-noch?” became a viral trendsetter with nostalgia in social media!

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As an independent, digital media start-up, it is very difficult to get a foothold in the German media landscape. To prove that this step is nevertheless possible was shown by the team of the “Wisst-ihr-noch?” (meaning in English: “Do you still remember?”) community with a topic that at first seemed to have been designed more for a niche audience than it actually was in reality - who does not like to reminisce?

The entire community around the “Wisst-ihr-noch?” incentive currently amounts to over 1.4 million fans. The most crucial topic of this community is "Die 90er! Wisst ihr noch…..?" and has currently around 870,000 fans on Facebook. Even more impressive and important than the number of fans is the reach of the nostalgic community: Due to the massive organic reach of the content, the posts in this community reach more than 50 million people a week! Astoundingly, the followers generate up to 5 million interactions (likes, comments, shares, ….) and 100 million video views per month! Also because of the nostalgic content, the group behind the channel “Wisst-ihr-noch?” manages to be one of the publishers with the widest reach in Germany, even though they only exist since 2016 and employ only 12 people.

As can be seen in the screenshot of the social media analysis tool “Storyclash Insights”, the “Wisst-ihr-noch?” -incentive is, based on its interactions, one of the most active communities in Germany. In the 43rd week of this year (2017), the nostalgic community secured the 2nd place in the ranking.

Wisst ihr noch? Die Nostalgie Community landet in KW 43 auf Platz 2 im Facebook Ranking nach Interaktionen

“Wisst-ihr-noch?” continuously achieves excellent places in the German social media rankings! As the most successful newcomer of the month, the community is also ranked 9th in the German social media ranking in September:

A recipe for success regarding higher reach

“Wisst-ihr-noch?” reaches more than 50 million people on Facebook every week. This is even more impressive when you consider that Facebook in total has only about 38 million users across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To generate and sustain such a high reach, the Head of Buzz at “Wisst-ihr-noch?” Thomas Weigel, stated that two points really matter.

We publish selected content that encourages our community to interact and to share the content. We leave nothing to chance in our content creation and reach, because as data nerds we are driven by data. Storyclash supports this way of working immensely and is as a consequence also a contributor to our success!

Another clever move of the team is to create similar fan pages for a variety of slightly different target audiences. They run pages with the topics “Die 80er! Wisst ihr noch?” and “Die 90er! Wisst ihr noch…?” as well as other fan pages, so they choose clearly defined community segments with perfectly coordinated and distinguished content.

Achieving viral content with the help of KPIs

The users show an above-average interaction rate when it comes to the “Wisst-ihr-noch?” posts. 1.4 million followers generate about 5 million interactions. This concept works so well because nothing is left to chance when working with the help of data and KPIs. This applies to Content Discovery as well as to Monitoring of one’s own posts; one´s own communities and the ones of the competition with "Storyclash Insights".

In order to recognize viral content while doing topic research, “Wisst-ihr-noch?”  relies on KPIs such as interaction values and interaction rates of posts. When the attention focused on one post is high from the very beginning, the probability to become a viral post is particularly high. In the course of these actions, it can also be seen which formats and types of posts currently work well for the audience. The tool “Storyclash Insights” helps to analyze many posts from different countries systematically and in real-time. In addition, it also provides all the KPIs needed to support data-driven decisions.

When a post is created by the “Wisst-ihr-noch?” community, the publishers are careful so that they place it in the accurate context of the respective social media platform. The resulting, perfectly optimized content is not only shared by fans of the site but also by other media outlets.

With real-time analysis to real-time optimization

The real-time analysis capability of the social analysis tool “Storyclash Insights” helps the team to optimize the content strategy almost immediately. The real-time monitoring makes it possible to quickly recognize changes in the Facebook algorithm and to react to them. Preferred content, post types and formats are thus more easily recognized, and pending posts prepared accordingly. Through continuous analysis, the team also understands very quickly which content works well and why. This knowledge advantage, in comparison to the competitors, immediately benefits the content strategy of the nostalgic community.

"Wisst-ihr-noch?" uses a data-driven approach to work and together with "Storyclash Insights" always succeeds to keep their followers up to date. By recognizing emerging content trends early enough, the publishers are one step ahead, which buys the team essential time - time that primarily benefits the editors. The editorial team has the chance to get the ready-made content out there even before others even have recognized the viral potential of the post.

Monetization through reach and engagement

Behind the “Wisst-ihr-noch?”-social media communities, there is a website called, whose main source of traffic again are the communities on Facebook, Instagram and Co. “Wisst-ihr-noch?” does not only gain money via the website itself, but also through native and groundbreaking advertising campaigns based on well-known brands such as the gaming brand Tekken (see below), Sony Pictures, Studiocanal and With this technique ”Wisst-ihr-noch?” improves its engagement and advances the already strong social media campaigns for its clients by disseminating the content of its clients on its own Facebook page. The findings gained through the data-driven "Storyclash Insights" help to maximize the revenue and the ROI through these channels.

Reach boost through Storyclash

The Social-Media-Monitoring-Tool developed by Storyclash can of course also be used as a sourcing tool for any other industry and a diverse range of topics. Convince yourself and look at the most viral posts now without registration!

PS: If you have further questions to the team of “Wisst-ihr-noch”, you can contact them via email ( - specific questions about the advertising campaigns can be sent directly to