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Social Media Awards 2020 – Influencer Marketing Brands in Germany

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Happy new year 2021! As you know – if you have followed Storyclash for a while – we love to take this time of the year to celebrate the brands which performed extraordinarily well throughout the past 12 months.
That being said, let's bring on the Social Media Awards 2020!

To determine the most successful Influencer Marketing Brands in Germany as well as the year’s top post, we consider all sites including articles, pictures and videos. Total interactions are measured across the platforms of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok.

We proudly present you:

2020’s most successful Influencer Marketing Brands in Germany:

Westwing is by far performance leader. The brand earned 18.568.737 million social media interactions throughout the year 2020. 

Coming in second is Women's Best with 8.158.056 interactions, followed by Zalando with a total of 5.944.797 interactions on social media. 

🥇 Westwing

Westwing has gathered a total of over 1.6 million fans on social media, posted over 13.600 times and got most of their interactions last year on Instagram (98.2%), followed by Facebook (1.2%). 

🥈 Women's Best

Instagram works best for Women's Best, earning them over 8 million interactions compared to their next-best platform: Facebook – over 114.500 interactions.

🥉 Zalando

A total of more than 26.8 million fans follow Zalando on social media. Instagram is their top-performing social media platform, they earned over 65.2% of all their social media interactions on there.

🎉 Most successful social media post of the year

The top social media post of 2020 is from Zalando. It was posted on their TikTok account and gathered a total of 211.400 interactions. 

Wow, what a crazy successful year for Influencer marketing brands in Germany! We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into their social media performance of last year. If you are interested in more insights of the Influencer Marketing Brand Germany ranking send us an email to

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