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Empower your research process and find the right influencers with Influencer Search

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Our new tool feature is a small product update with a big impact: Influencer Search is now available to enhance your Storyclash experience, so read on to discover how the feature can help to refine your social media research techniques and find the right influencers for your needs!

  • The challenges of discovering influencers who fit
  • Influencer Search: an overview of the new feature
  • Finding the right influencers for your next campaign
  • A real world example of Keyword Search in action

Solving the search for influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular option for brands and publishers, but how easy is it to actually find influencers who are perfect for your needs? The reality is that influencers can be challenging to find, especially ones who fit well with your brand.

The influencer community is plentiful, which can be problematic for brands who are looking for specific influencers who fit into a certain niche. This situation applies to the majority—so when it comes to prospecting the crowd of available options, it isn't immediately clear how or where to start looking for the right influencers.

That's where Influencer Search comes in: our new Storyclash feature enables users to combine specific search capabilities with existing filter options to further narrow your results.

Influencer Search explained

So what is Influencer Search exactly, and how does it work? 

If you're not paying attention, you might glimpse over this new feature entirely. We seamlessly implemented the Influencer Search field near the top of the page when you're in the Top Sites module. Prior to this update, the ability to search for specific keywords and hashtags was available in other modules—now the feature is available for users in the Top Sites module just beneath the filters bar, and it's sure to change the precision of results.

Using Influencer Search is similar to conducting a search engine query on the web.

After clicking on the search box, simply type in a keyword or hashtag—or a string of terms—and then click on the green APPLY button (you can also hit enter / return on your keyboard). For advanced searches, follow the instructions in the hint box that pops up when you click into the search field:

Use ( ), AND, OR and NOT for logical inputs and * for wildcard

(Apple and Microsoft) or (BMW and Audi*) and not Trump

With these logic phrases you can search a string of keywords that obey basic yet specific rules, narrowing your search results to an even more defined list of sites!

Finding influencers for your next campaign

The benefits of using Influencer Search to find the right influencers are clear: 

  • Dive deeper into Top Sites search results within the Storyclash tool
  • Discover influencers who fit your brand / niche based on your query
  • Make progress toward launching your influencer marketing campaign

Think of Influencer Search as a launch pad for your influencer research. Once your filtered results are modified even further by keywords, you'll have an excellent list to base your decisions on. The next step is to analyze the data of each site / influencer, paying careful attention to KPIs that make sense for your brand's influencer marketing campaign.

We'll walk you through a quick example scenario below.

Influencer Search in action: a real-world example

A brand like Mazda is big on user-generated content; in fact, their #MyMazda campaign successfully uses photos from actual Mazda owners' shared posts to advertise their cars through the intimate and non-exaggerated lens of real life.

For the purpose of this example, let's assume that Mazda wants to take this a step further and run an influencer marketing campaign (chances are they've already done this) but they don't know how to start looking for influencers. Influencer Search is their solution: they open the Top Sites module within the Storyclash tool and select the appropriate filters to narrow their results:

DATE – last 3 months
LOCATION – Germany
CATEGORY – Influencer; car blogger

Now they use the new Influencer Search box to extend these filters even further. Mazda is looking for influencers who are already talking about their brand, so they type in their brand name: Mazda

For good measure, they click on the Metrics drop-down menu to the right of the search box to add Facebook and Instagram columns to their ranking results. Now that everything is set, they click on the green Apply button and after a few seconds the data is ready!

This list is the beginning of Mazda's influencer search—their campaign launchpad. From here they'll look into each influencer / site, analyze their metrics and make data-driven decisions as to whether any of them fit Mazda's needs.

Our team can help

If you're doing any kind of influencer marketing at all, then Influencer Search is something you should seriously consider. The value of discovering exactly who you're looking for to be the face of your campaign should not be taken for granted; talk to our team today to ask questions about the feature, clarify any details, or to activate Influencer Search in your account!