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Best German Beauty Brands in Influencer Marketing 2021

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Top 10 German Beauty Brands in Influencer Marketing 2021

With influencer marketing on the rise it is no surprise that our experts at Storyclash just had to snoop into the field. The findings were pretty interesting, to say the least.

Did you know that 1 in 3 sponsored influencer posts is beauty related? The most influencer marketing activities happen in the beauty industry (34%), followed by Fashion (18%), Food (18%) and Furniture (18%).

For starters let’s find out who rocked the beauty industry in 2021 – and of course – uncover how they did it. We had a very close look into the best performing cosmetics and personal care brands of Germany to evaluate performance & content.

These are the german beauty brands that got mentioned the most by influencers in 2021:

top 10 beauty brands

We'll give you a sneak peak of the top performer right away: Pomélo + Co.

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